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Bruce threatened me with bodily harm on 18 and 19 May 2017. He wrote; "I only have the one membership, I have only ever had the one membership, you have no evidence at all to prove the lie you are putting forward, it is no different to the many previous lies you have told, and if you continue to travel down this path of persistent stalking and trouble making, it will end badly for you" (my use of underlining).
Mini also threatened me with bodily harm on 18 May 2017. She wrote; "Be very careful they don't come looking for you."
This message has been added at 8.20 p.m. on 19/5/2017 and is a record that may be referred to should anything "untoward" happen to me.
Brucey, you have been told by me on numerous occasions, and you have also been warned about this too, that I am not He who pays the Piper's "girlfriend". You have repeatedly - over 300 times now - published false and libelous allegations about me being his "girlfriend", his "forum gilrfriend" and now his "online girlfriend" when you know full well that I am none of these.
Since you apparently have a report from Netsafe detailing "serious, extensive, and repeated" breaches of the Harmful Digital communications Act, and have - in my view inappropriately - been bragging about this at a public forum, I feel you need to be aware that I consider your repeated "individual posts" about me being He who pays the Piper's girlfriend more serious and more harmful. Certainly, given the number of repeats, they are not only extensive but obsessively repeated. I have previously given you a final warning but still you persist ... a conscious decision you have made to your detriment.
Added to my signature at 7.07 a.m. on 1/03/2017__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Alan Thomas has demanded that I add a message to all of the posts that I copy from today's date (21 January 2017) for the purpose of my Harmful Digital Communications Act complaints. He has made repeated false accusations against me insofar as his wrongful claims that I have broken the "rules" of the ACCforum, and which I vehemently deny. Alan has been asked to resolve this matter by my reasonable request for him to post a copy of that part of the "rules" that he claims says I cannot copy posts without "making a comment myself". He has failed to do this and has instead bullied and threatened me by saying that he will restrict my posting privilege if I do not stop copying messages without "making a comment myself". He also implied in a menacing way that the posting privilege restriction could be a "very extensive and lengthy timeout period". Meanwhile Alan claims he is not an administrator of the ACCforum but this clearly is not true because only an administrator can restrict my, and anyone else's, posting privilege. This automated signature has been written under duress in response to Alan's abovementioned demand that I not break the forum rules and his threat that if I - in his view - continue to do so, I will have my posting privilege restricted._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________