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  1. Backdated Payment Query

    15 April 2020 - 11:52 AM

    Hi all

    Tax is deducted on backdated payments 'after' WINZ has been paid back. Correct?

    This is how my first payment worked.

    Has this changed?
  2. Declined in an interesting way

    26 August 2019 - 04:45 PM

    My claim went to review a second time.

    The reviewer asked that I have a proper IMA report delivered by an Occupational Therapist (Fit for Work contracted by ACC themselves) regarding my ability to work prior to 2008. This report was to decide the outcome of my claim.

    The ACC contracted Fit for Work OT wrote heavily in my favour and stated my ability to work would have been severely effected by the injury.

    ACC then went to a Medical Adviser who wrote notes all over the top of the ACC contracted OT from Fit for Work.

    My claim was declined again.

    My lawyer requested another review, however made a point that the ACC medical adviser should not been made part of the decision the reviewer requested.

    We are waiting on another review now.

    I am not sure anyone can advise.. I rang Fairway and asked if there is a time frame for the review date to be decided... another thing I'd like to know.

    If anyone can make an injury worse... it's hats off to ACC. This has been a very painful process. Each visit to the psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists have been extremely traumatising (I've seen quite a list now). It does not get easier each time I talk about it. The memories remain the same and the hurt gets worse as time goes on. We can't turn back time.. undo what has been done.. but we can try and move forward. I have every right to ask for what is written in our legislation. I was injured.. that has not been declined. The early medical evidence is not being disputed. But it's very difficult moving forward while I have had to make these visits.

    Saying that the good news is my lawyer says their team now has enough medical evidence to take this to court if needed and I do not have to revisit my injury in full detail to any doctors anymore.

    I have left this claim in the hands of my lawyer.

    It's been nearly an eight year battle now. I've kept it pretty quite. But reality is I'll probably be a name on a court list as I face ACC off. And that's what I am waiting for now.

    I feel there has been an injustice but no doubt ACC will try and talk their way out of this too.

    Anyone dealing with ACC I have full empathy for. It can be a truly life destroying experience dealing with ACC if they decide to play ball against you. Their strategy is waiting until the last minute before informing you of anything... setting up reviews or answering questions.

    The medical evidence needed has been provided. Now I have every reason to be upset and feel I am being messed around.



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