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  1. In Topic: Lump Sum

    06 April 2021 - 03:21 PM

    No the lump sum is an inalienable right as an offset for your loss of quality-of-life that may not be used by social welfare to offset your other means of support.

    Just a question on your original employment situation, by any chance had you been working over the previous 12 months prior to your injury? What is the nature of the gap between jobs?
  2. In Topic: ACC and practice of witness coaching

    07 February 2021 - 03:30 PM

    View PostHemi, on 07 February 2021 - 12:34 PM, said:

    You were accused of Fraud
    You went to trial
    You were found Guilty
    Sentenced to 3 years jail.
    Same as your other major case of accused and found Guilty of Acts of terrorism.

    Come back and show the appeal processs showed you were not guilty of fraud
    Alas after 30 years a shite show of that ever happening
    Same as the terrorism charges as found you guilty
    Not rocket science that either

    Alan Thomas = Guilty as charged
    No impressions from me Thomas
    Tne evidence the courts had us all anyone needs
    Time you left the room Thomas.

    This topic addresses the ACC practice of inventing stories about the injured and incapacitated with the of avoiding making payment on their liabilities. Injured people do not have either the financial or the physical abilities to stand up against and ACC attack of this type. With ACC routinely coaching their witnesses to lie the result is that claimants are getting prosecuted and convicted of crimes as a mechanism to avoid ACCs financial liabilities to such claimants. I am one just one of many such claimants.

    David Butler you are one of those ones coached by the ACC to lie along with your co-conspirators did during with you in your lie. As stated above it is not possible for the injured and infirm to withstand such an attack that people like you make stop

    As it has always been I and others are injured and are not receiving the ACC funding in order to receive the necessary medical treatment to no longer be injured. The evidence is rocksolid and absolute. Yet we have people like yourself that will argue against the medical profession based entirely upon your rhetoric. What a miserable and most disgusting individual you are to treat the injured in such a brutal and callous way. Why would you do such a thing?
  3. In Topic: ACC and practice of witness coaching

    05 February 2021 - 08:41 PM

    View PostHemi, on 05 February 2021 - 09:34 AM, said:

    You were accused of claiming and receiving entitlements by fraudulent means.
    You were judged in a Court of NZ legislative laws and found guilty of fraud against the acc yet you want the benefits you fraudulently claimed and are guilty of falsely claiming you were unfit for any work but alas. You were judged on that falsely claiming entitlements and found guilty of Fraud and sentenced to 3 years jail
    Your entitled to Nothing Thomas. 👏

    I have not been accused of receiving entitlements by fraudulent means. That accusation is just utter nonsense. There is no connection between ACCs allegation and the legislation and nor is there any connection with the degree of my disability as a result of the injuries that the ACC acknowledge I suffer from. The legislation require ACC to seek a medical report to determine any discrepancy between my claim and what they were paying out on. As the ACC have never challenged this information there is no discrepancy. Had the ACC wanted to prosecute for fraud on the basis of not having an injury that prevents me from working then they would have address that matter in court. No one has ever accused me of being fit for work!. They did not so what is your point. What is it that you don't understand?

    ACC have acknowledged that they are liable to calculate and pay my entitlements. The judiciary have required the ACC to carry obtain this information and carry out the calculation and make payment. Each time the court is reconvened to issue another deadline, which is usually 10 days after the success of my case against them, they fail to comply with the court.

    So David Butler what on earth are you talking about?

    David it seems that you are involved with the ACC in their practice of coaching witnesses to create impressions which is all you seem to be doing. Not once have you ever come forward with any actual factual statement. Empty words render you nothing more than some form of ugly Troll making a nuisance of yourself
  4. In Topic: ACC and practice of witness coaching

    02 February 2021 - 08:59 AM

    View PostHemi, on 01 February 2021 - 03:18 PM, said:

    Acc tested the issue in a court of law
    The criminal courts.
    You were found guilty
    You had the open unhindered opportunity to present whatever you liked to show acc were wrong
    You couldn’t.
    You could not show any defence to the charges of fraud
    That showed you had no entitlement to acc benefits
    All your bollocks above and the last twenty plus years does nothing to show you have A legitimate acc claim due to Fraud
    Along with acc I’m the one that’s right here as you can’t prove acc or me wrong

    Facts are you have no claim entitlement to even be debating acc entitlements you think you should have.

    What you have clearly demonstrated here is how easily ACC mislead the general public by witness coaching.

    At no stage ever as any court of law in New Zealand authorised by legislation to test whether or not someone is injured, disabled and therefore entitled to ACC compensation. That job is only available to medical professionals and even then only after a clinical examination.

    The could transparent at no stage ever found me guilty of anything in particular. They were able to point to anything that I was pronounced beauty of in specific terms? Of course you can't because no specific terms were ever used by the ACC to support an allegation of fraud as there was nothing actually fraudulent in relation to any of the applications for ACC entitlements under the ACC legislation. In fact the judiciary had supported the medical profession and the facts of the matter which is that I suffered from a catastrophic injury and was no longer able, because of the injuries, to earn in my existing occupation. It is not open for anybody to change the legislation without going through the processes in parliament to do so. So this is were people like you are so easily confused by misrepresentation and coaching in order that you then go on to do the ACCs bidding for the purposes of the ACC financial gain.

    The ACC letter to cancel my claim for cover has been confirmed by the addition could charge to be defective inasmuch as it needed described the relevant point of law nor any particular fact. Instead the ACC rely upon the relative influence first influencing the very global people such as yourself to intern influence others. This is what is known as witness coaching whereby any potential witness, such as yourself, develops of a belief which in turn promoted in the courts such as the way ACC manipulated you to misrepresent facts in a document presented to the court.

    Obviously there can be no defence when the accuser makes no specific accusation as to point of law or point of fact. This is why people like you find it easy to make accusation without being specific about anything at all. It is all part of an ongoing pattern of deception and insurance fraud and perversion of the course of justice by the ACC who in turn influence people like you to support them.
    Over the historical period of time a very large number of medical professionals have become involved who all overwhelmingly and unanimously agree that my injuries are such that it makes it impossible for me to return to my old occupation. What information are you relied upon to claim that they entire medical profession are wrong?

    Quite simply your disobedience to legislation is in the matter that you are made accusation without substance, just empty words in support of the ACC who have stolen not just my life away but those connected with me such as my employees who have lost their jobs homes and families as well.
  5. In Topic: ACC and practice of witness coaching

    31 January 2021 - 11:23 AM

    View PostHemi, on 27 January 2021 - 08:57 AM, said:

    Conflict of interest?

    ACC tested that area.
    You were convicted for fraud and received a sentence of 3 years jail time
    So of course acc would question anything you provided to them
    That’s why they nailed you thomas.

    You lied to them.
    You were put on non gratis with acc-remote control contact only and you firmly embedded that acc position as permanent life time with your terrorism activity Bomb making plans directed to acc and the public.
    It is quite clear that you have had your own head up your ass for decades.


    You have failed to address the issue of conflict of interest.

    ACC have never carried out any kind of test of any sort, not once.

    Legislation require the ACC to fund independent medical assessment and more importantly may not make up information themselves nor rely upon anyone else making of information. Third-party information must be from a qualified source such as a medical professional been commissioned by the ACC to carry out a medical assessment to determine whether the medical information provided by the claimant is valid.

    Essentially the valid information from both parties may be contested in court if they are not in agreement. As ACC have never put any kind of medical information forward the only information now permitted in law to make decisions by would be the medical information provided by my medical treatment providers. As there have been previous judicial hearings concerning this information that have required the ACC to submit themselves to this information the ACC are quite clearly in breach of the judiciary. When the ACC failed to appeal the judiciary but rather simply made a new decision and told the courts that they had followed the correct procedure they have of course committed perjury as well as producing documents not known to be true for pecuniary advantage (fraud).

    Of greater significance to the general public is the fact that the ACC have caused people like yourself to believe that owners of businesses who are also directors carrying out some minor activities are not entitled to ACC if they continue to own those businesses and be directors and carry out minor activities. The ACC annual suggestion appeared to be in conflict with the legislation in this regard inasmuch as you are saying that business owners in this situation are not entitled to ACC. This appear strange since the ACC asked for premiums and will enforce the gathering of those premiums by force of law. In other words the ACC and yourself can't have it both ways.

    As for my personal situation ACC had always been appraised of all information relevant to my claim. This information took the form of the medical information from a treatment providers and the judiciary that directed the ACC to submit to the authority of that information. Over and above this I had provided the ACC with written information describing my efforts in seeking new business opportunities whereby I could carry out work task activities of which they would in time receive an abatement of earnings deduction of my earnings compensation. What is startling is that the ACC withheld this information from the court and when this information was put before the court the ACC lied about receiving it. Further other supplementary information was submitted to the court confirming that the ACC had possession of the information and had made decisions on it such as demanding I provide them with this information with the ultimatum that they will suspend my entitlements if I failed to provide the information. Further the ACC actually did suspend my claim because they had imagined I had failed to give this information despite the fact that they already had it. As the ACC reinstated the compensation when recognising that they did have this information they confirmed acknowledgement of the information which they claimed to the court they did not receive. Perjury is a very serious crime in this country and most other Western world countries. Producing. The mentation for pecuniary advantage is an additional crime of fraud.

    There is no such thing as persona non gratas within the context of the ACC legislation. When you start inventing such nonsense along with the other nonsense you talk about such as business owners do not have entitlement to ACC unless they surrender their businesses you enter into the realms of being a criminal when you usurp the authority of the ACC legislation. The person like you do such a thing? Are you a crazy person or is it that you are truly evil?

    I would go so far as to say that you are truly evil given the fact that you colluded with others to make false allegation concerning section of the ACC nonsense to make false allegation concerning an alleged plan to blow up the ACC in response to Douglas weal having his claim denied because he was carrying out similar activities to myself when making a claim. You and others colluding to threaten the ACC in my name is a most terrible crime to be committing against myself not to mention crime committed against the individual ACC staff members who were terrorised by your words. I point out these were your words and had no relationship to myself. In fact the court acknowledged that there was no information of any sort relating to myself including the confirmation by way of search warrant that there was no evidence of any physical type that merited any kind of support to your allegation against me.

    This topic is concerning the ACC practice of coaching their witnesses. You are quite familiar with your allegation that dark clouds were on the horizon concerning myself and the ACC as you put it in your email to the ACC along with your discussions with the ACC about the same thing. The evidence in your possession identified communication between yourself and the ACC regarding a matter that they intended to put before the courts. Quite clearly you were being coached by the ACC for this purpose. Once you realise that once Kenneth Miller had become involved it would have been apparent to you that your story was gonna come apart so you distance yourself from ACCs intention to use you as their witness.

    As I have started several websites designed to help ACC claimants understand ACC legislation and to also obtain work while injured it does seem that you and your friends are at odds with the fundamental principles of the ACC legislation. The reality contradicts the story both you and the ACC seek to put about designed to distract other illegal behaviour concerning theft of ACC entitlements by way. You mentation (fraud).