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  1. In Topic: Paying Ones Debit

    Today, 05:33 PM

    View PostBrucey, on 22 January 2019 - 04:41 PM, said:

    And the bullshit flows. how about you give us some proof of what you say, fact is you had a fair trial, you had the same chance as anyone to defend yourself in the courts, but you failed.

    I am not interested in debating your version of events, I don't need to.

    You were found guilty as charged, end of story. Nothing you say or do on this forum will change anything, so stop boring us with your broken arsed bullshit.

    That is all you do Fraudster, repeat the same BS over and over again. no one is interested.

    As ACC staff and their informants have committed perjury on multiple occasions there is no possibility of the ever being a fair trial. The ACC claim they had possession of information that I was working when they did not, that means there was not a fair trial. If you were to make any attempt to support the court decision based on the ACC claim that I was working then you yourself will personally need to be providing information that I was working to avoid charges of collusion with the ACC and the staff together with further charges of defamation of character.

    I am not interested in debating with you but in the event that you do not desist in your defaming of my name and disregarding the integrity of New Zealand justice system by your attempts to uphold perjury then of course action will be needed to be taken against you and your kind.

    As the ACC legal representative has informed the High Court that perjury has been committed then of course it is not the end of the story. It would be wrong for me not to pursue a prosecution against individual staff members who have committed perjury were no other reason than it is in the public interest. In other words we would not want anyone else to be suffering as I have suffered.
  2. In Topic: Paying Ones Debit

    Today, 04:27 PM

    View PostBrucey, on 22 January 2019 - 03:18 PM, said:

    You were prosecuted and convicted. And did not appeal.

    The matter of your criminal convictions will never again re enter any court Fraudster. You do not have, nor will you ever have a case.

    What on earth are you thinking when making the false statements that I did not appeal. Of course I have tried to appeal! What a ridiculous thing to be saying.

    Now that ACC have confessed to have never having any information describing a single work task activity at any time combined with the fact that the medical evidence continues to confirm no possibility of my ever working anyway right up until the present there is no possibility in the world that both the fraud prosecution and cancellation of my claim can continue. Worse than that evidence has also come to light that ACC staff have not only committed perjury but also unlawfully seized all of my exhibits by search warrant and refused to return my exhibits to me to enable me to have ever defended myself or appealed in any event. What kind of a nutcase are you?

    With regards to the ACC ridiculous allegations that I was planning to blow them up we now have Kenneth Miller's and David Butler is recorded evidence confirming the part they played in conjunction with Douglas weal to make a false allegation. This even includes David Butler's on-again off-again sitting on the fence nonsense which never got out of the front line of possessing information and withholding that information from the court. The police have even stated in court that he refused to come to the court presumably because Douglas weal issued a death threat against them that he did. No grounds for appeal? You must be mad.

    It is time for the members of the site to stand together against tyranny committed against us claimants in relation to the unlawful refusal to pay out the liabilities due to us by way of dishonest manipulation of the facts and abuse of power.

    Quite clearly there will always be weak minded cowards such as Brucey whoso anxiously seek to please the ACC by continuing on in the mode of an attack that the ACC have now stood back from in recognition of the error. What is Brucey thinking???
  3. In Topic: Paying Ones Debit

    Today, 03:16 PM

    View PostBrucey, on 22 January 2019 - 03:04 PM, said:

    Plenty of substance Fraudster, many dozens of screenshots, some very recent. Once again you are the last person to to throw stones.

    Again the empty rhetoric of a dangerous fool
  4. In Topic: Paying Ones Debit

    Today, 03:15 PM

    View PostBrucey, on 22 January 2019 - 01:22 PM, said:

    Do not suggest for one minute that you have any integrity Fraudster, you are on record for accusing me of all sorts of things ,including perjury, when you have no idea at all of my identity. Hypocrite.

    You also speak of devastating peoples lives, well what of the many peoples lives you would have devastated, should your plan to plant a bomb on ACC premises come to fruition.

    I don't think for one moment thatYou would have the capacity to determine whether or not anyone had integrity as you don't even know the meaning of the concept.

    Those who judge my integrity are the ones who have actually known me or my entire life right up until the present, Not people like you and Douglas weal.

    If you are suggesting that there was actually a bomb plot what on earth would make you think that there is no longer a bomb plot? Think very carefully as to whether or not I plan to blow up those who are investigating Douglas weal for fraud or he is now scheming to incriminate somebody else to frighten the hell out of those people so as to avoid any comeback on himself. The police and the ACC might have been stupid ones but it is unlikely that they will continue to be stupid on this matter given the fact that their own lives are at stake.

    As I am actively pursuing my claims and entitlements together with the criminal prosecutions of those who made false allegations against me there is not any likelihood of ever there being a motive for me to carry out Douglas weal's wishes and/ or fantasies , much less your own.
  5. In Topic: Paying Ones Debit

    Today, 03:11 PM

    View PostMINI, on 22 January 2019 - 12:54 PM, said:


    Far from a hippocrate. I don't need any caselaw of yours and never have. You were found quilty of two criminal charges. That is easy to prove. The paper reported your sentences on both. They have never been appealed. The site
    gives all the 'new' evidence that I nee ie you will never change, to make your life better, because you will be able to live on a pension and you must be nearly there.

    Your writing is completely difference to Pignutz. We know he is a dickhead because he name and defamed the ACCfocus owner on his very first post in here. Whereas, you just repeat the same old stuff over and over again, sometimes it is the same and sometimes it is different but the end result is we have heard it continuously for multi years. Afterall that is what the Declanation thread was for, too tell your story. Which it does for a a while and then stops while you are on house arrest and only starts up again when david butler start stirring with Ken, who defended himself. Then you let David Butler to use it to name me over and over so my name would be over on Google forever if I do not get it taken down by the Court.

    You are quite willing to follow him thru the gates of hell if you think it will help you...............hence the investigator and his merry men needed to give you are kick where you don't like it, because david butler tells them things they don't want to hear.

    So this is not the first time we have been here with you is it. Yet the time before you needed the legal help for the TBP and nothing has happened except a lot of people being able to take naming and defaming to Court.

    Now here we are again but this time it is for harassing of Alan Thomas (so he thinks) but he doesn't take into consideration that he was one of the three that made it possible for another site to harass, name and defame, threaten with harm and put some of house pictures and address up on site. Sound familiar, well it should because of the sentencing of your investigator, that you ordered me to tell him whatever he wanted to know.

    Yeap still got the paperwork in the right places, including a courtroom. Cheers Thomas. Go for Mini, I think you will find blockages.



    Mini you are forgetting whether or not there is an actual basis for prosecution and conviction. If there were no facts to answer therefore there could not be a prosecution or conviction and as such the conviction must be false and set aside.

    Central to this site is access to justice. Even the United Nations has slammed New Zealand for not providing adequate access to invalids to challenge such cases. Who are you and your kind to go up against the authority and the intellect of the United Nations?

    Surely you cannot be so stupid as to believe what you read in the newspaper. Newspapers are not in existence to provide actual information but rather to sell advertising with ACC being a very prominent advertiser with a very big purse. When advertisers provide the newspaper with media reports such as in my case and then we find people like you swallowing such media reports of line and sinker we can see that we are living in a socialist country whereby a gander of the state has taken hold of your mind. This demonstrates what a weak and mindless individual you are. I have previously itemised the impossibilities of what was written yet you seem to just ignore reality.

    Your lack of intellect continues on when you claim that I have some kind of control over not only David Butler but this site. You then falsely claim I have disclose your name and in doing so defame my name. You further defame my name by claiming I had commissioned idiots such as David Butler and others to investigate the wrong doings committed against me. That would strongly be a foolish thing for you to assert. Why would I climb into a mud puddle with members of the tagteam in the mud puddle to try and clean my name? What a stupid person you are.

    I have never sought any legal helpTo defend the accusation made by Douglas weal that I planned to blow up the ACC for investigating for fraud. The only legal process is to plead not guilty. Nothing more is required. It is up to the prosecution to bring evidence to the court which of course they did not as all way of of raw to the court was Douglas weal's drunken recollection six months after the fact in circumstances whereby he was actively seeking to support the notion that being a director is an occupation and that as the yet registered the company and become a director therefore he claims he was working when injured. It is up to the prosecution to make the case, me.

    Your continued development of Douglas weal's attack against me your ridiculous claims involving all manner of different conspiracies would be a welcome opportunity to break this whole situation wide open should this matter ever re-enter the court.