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  1. In Topic: Cassandra Complex has returned

    24 January 2019 - 07:55 PM

    Great to see you & yours are still keeping on keeping on Lupine ... and always taking care :wub:

    BTW it is likely green eye nonsense again trying again to manipulate newbies & readers etc

    I say this mostly as looks like the other members commercial website has been resurrected yet again in the past couple of weeks. I wont say too much on this matter as it was exhausting last time with his various different lies on this matter

    FYI unfortunately Lupine there are still some very nauseating & offensive statements or urban legends within the website still being broadcast. Also it appears that there are still various other pages from his last advertisements in this forum .... which originated with the previous business website &or fake trust ... which may still have to be reloaded in this other website etc :wacko:
  2. In Topic: Moving Overseas for Treatment - Payments

    16 November 2018 - 11:28 AM

    discussion removed to prevent hijacking manipulations etc

    link fyi


    Social Welfare (Reciprocity with the United Kingdom) Order 1990
    Article 15 (4)
    For the purpose of any claim to receive benefit under the legislation of New Zealand, whether by virtue or the provisions of this Convention, the former Agreements or otherwise, an industrial disablement pension payable under the legislation of the United Kingdom shall be treated as if it were accident compensation payable under the legislation of New Zealand

  3. In Topic: Moving Overseas for Treatment - Payments

    15 November 2018 - 09:26 PM

  4. In Topic: Pre-current legislation complaints

    03 November 2018 - 10:43 PM

    I agree with many of your ideas and insights Hemi :)

    IMHO I thought that under the 1974 1982 Act accident claims were often accepted routinely however in saying this my claims all had supporting workplace documentation and witnesses etc I actually thought that Alan was very fortunate to have any hernia claim processed especially when there was no workplace verifications etc Mind you I know that its possible this alleged injury could still have been treated by ACC eg another story could be that Alan tripped over his feet in the middle of the night but he was working & paying taxes so he would still get entitlements under the 1982 sections etc I understand what you mean about the scrutiny of the *self employed* too ... and I think there has been recent coverage of ACC stuff ups &or advocacy by Lupine on some of these isses etc etc

    This is one reason why I find a lot of Alans extremist ideas and attacks on ACC legislation, people or policies a concern and will question them when I can ...and this is mostly because of the adverse influences a few people can cause to innocents etc I actually think there is still much more benefits to the ACC Schemes for injured people Hemi because I have explored some other systems etc In Alans case I would basically be referring here to the *Fundamental Dishonesty* strikeout issues which happen in other comparable systems so he would have likely lost everything from the get go and likely never ever have been offered private surgery for either minor injury etc

    But because I know Alans sort is in a minority, the fact is that I think for most other claimants in this forum we probably still do or have done betters than if we were under the old prelegislation litigation environments etc Obviously a few of us may have been able to successfully sue others for multimillion dollar settlements and then become autonomous or self determining with our own quality of life and compensation monies ...but yup because I have family & friends to consider Hemi... so I hope that if they have unfortunate no fault accidents then they will always have a fair opportunity in quickly accessing treatment earnings compensation, rehabilitation and so on coverage etc Plus as with any bureaucracy or systems I already know that there are many other areas where ACC can get it wrong and even very very wrong ... and that they should always be seeking to improve the quality of their services IMHO :)
  5. In Topic: Pre-current legislation complaints

    03 November 2018 - 08:53 PM

    View PostHemi, on 03 November 2018 - 06:13 PM, said:

    thomas would fall at the first hurdle if he re raised his claim for erc on the yacht incident
    so much wrong and does not equate to a truthful story
    acc would have him again for attempted fraud via use of documents for a pecuniary gain

    After years of discussions within this forum, I agree with your opinion here Hemi :)

    It is probably very fortunate that ACC does not investigate all suspicious accidents or incidents for minor injuries at the first notification. The cost to the levypayer would be astronomical imho - and the reality is very very few claimants would ever contemplate such reckless behaviour let alone have a minor secondary injury overwrite another minor original hernia event IMHO.

    I also do not believe ACC has a specific unit or extensive experience or caselaw material in regards to the claims or management of self harming individuals and correlated injuries either Hemi. ie this is likely a small abnormal population.

    I think too that ACC could probably count on their fingers the number of NZers who have evaded basic preinjury occupational disclosures and verifications ie CV qualifications & referees etc

    Ditto the number of ACC claimants who appear unable to detail their personal levy history or relevant company levy history alongside other financial documentations etc

    It would also never have been the intention of the ACC Scheme to compensate individuals who might fall victim to business failures due to incompetence or theft by a servant IMHO. This is why I find Alans palaver about his preinjury income and fringe benefit perks particularly galling as why should I or other levy payers front up a high weekly payment for him to live an expensive life of folly beyond his means following the supposed stolen $K350 of money problem etc

    Sorry Hemi I was injured on the job with witnesses so this was not some reckless sporting activity being reported months later. I also likely paid far more myself for my own educational qualifications as well accruing more personal ACC Levies than Alan too when working. This is likely why I was also on a higher weekly compensation payment than him back during the same time.

    FYI, I also explored postinjury self employment ventures utilising my preinjury occupational skills and while I was upfront and abated and also successful in these efforts, unfortunately injury factors and incapacity meant this business ended before I could expand the company or employ others etc. Also unlike Alan, I actually do have a permanent incapacity assessment and also accepted both lump sum offerings from ACC under the 1982 Act back in the day.

    Obviously I have never returned to my own preinjury occupation Hemi and I continue to hold unbroken medical certifications ever since my injury during a workplace incident - so this is likely the main reason that I can get wound up with much of the Thomas argybargy and the harmdoing therein etc

    I do actually agree with some of his ideas about how the ACC System could work betters for us claimants but because he refuses to explore issues objectively or twists everything to his situation &or misrepresents what I am saying, I feel that progress is inch by inch with one step forward and one back half the time :wacko:

    While I know all of this information has previously been mentioned on this forum in relation to topical matters at different times Hemi because I do not have access to as many resources or money like Alan, or for other real life reasons, it has taken me a long long time to research caselaw that may be relevant or helpful to me. In the past when I did try to launch threads to discuss caselaw issues or matters which could help me or others in similar situations these oft would be hijacked or sabotaged by ALan which is why we have had a many years of differing opinions and so on etc So nowadays I only pop in here to see if it is still going and thankfully I do have other interests which are keeping me busy while I am simultaneously percolating my options with my ACC claim as best able etc

    So basically while I too would probably need to research "the correct protocols and expectation for the pre-current legislation complaints procedure" its hard to explore this issue constructively when the threadstarter is a unrehabilitated felon with extremist ideas and his selfcentered confusing contradictory civil and criminal issues always dominate the discussion directions etc etc