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  1. In Topic: Weekly compensation decline

    Today, 12:11 PM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 19 August 2019 - 08:30 PM, said:

    and what about the self-employed

    what about those on piecework

    What about those who provide volunteer services???

    There are many different scenarios to consider of which the legislation quite clearly describes..

    If you read the legislation perhaps you would stop being so abusive

    Don’t commit fraud.
    You failed to consider the outcome of that Thomas.
  2. In Topic: Weekly compensation decline

    Today, 12:04 PM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 20 August 2019 - 09:27 AM, said:

    I have read the legislation and it is you that are in error

    The ACC legislation is effectively a global insurance policy for all in the event of an accident that prevents them from being an earner. This Insurance Scheme is not restricted just to people who spend their lives working for an employer but rather covers everybody who expands energy for the purposes of earning so as to maintain that capacity of earning in the event of an injury.

    The ACC scheme is not complex in fact it is very simple. It is the capacity to earn that is insured. When someone hold a contract that utilizes their capacity to earn then they are covered regardless as to whether or not they have actually started earning. This is the case with Seasonal workers for example.

    Acc can apply the rules of law and change a decision of cover to no cover thus no entitlements
    Example of that is your own acc claim accepted then change decision made and it was tossed in the rubbish bin.
    With the bonus for you added to appear in criminal courts up for fraud
    Which you could not show you were not guilty as charged.
    Twofold hit at you from acc and something you can NOT change to receive erc entitlements
    As the front person for this forum you have made it into a very dangerous place for the injured vulnerable to come to and find what has become a site promoting radicalism/ terrorism by you Thomas.
    One more slip up / mistake and your fucked matey. B)
    Best you disappear before you have another judge up you.
  3. In Topic: How is entitlement measured?

    Yesterday, 12:45 PM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 19 August 2019 - 11:52 AM, said:


    Go change ya nappies ya wee girly.

    Your weak
    Can’t fight your own battles
    Sign of a guilty person that is
    Does Microsoft Corp Canada know the owner of this site supports A terrorist and condones Terrorism Activity.
    Fuk me off much more Thomas and they will know directly to the top of Microsoft from ME.
    This site is tidied up re Thomas or it’s opened up like a roll top lid on a can of sardines
    No sardines inside tho
    Just some real nasty bastards unable to hide anymore and rising to the top where all can see them.
    Thomas has been given the freedom to do a lot of harm over 20 years to a lot of people ably assures by he sites ownership ones
    Time to turn this place directly on a site they can not control and shove it right back up there ass,s
    The court Thomas wants in public tho where his crap is not alllwedd
    The sites owners know where to contact me having already been pissed at what’s out there now
    And asked for it’s removal. Rather tame at present it is. It’s Rating lifted from tame to high soon I think
    Be a legacy for him and his mate at Microsoft.
    To all readers.
    Watch this thread disappear real fast folks.
  4. In Topic: How is entitlement measured?

    Yesterday, 11:36 AM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 19 August 2019 - 10:20 AM, said:

    David Butler you have been reported yet again for being off-topic.

    Unfortunately it is quite clear that you have been socially engineered and those who have gained Mastery over you are now using you as a weapon to attack me and the site. You need to be having a talk with someone totally independent of everything to help you get your thoughts clear and rational

    Shows you can’t beat me legally thomas apart from having me banned
    That would be ok as the person behind this place next in the agenda.
    Very publicly globally.
    Your choice
    Piss off your masters or fuck off yourself
  5. In Topic: How is entitlement measured?

    Yesterday, 09:43 AM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 18 August 2019 - 03:46 PM, said:

    Just because you don't realise that you were used by both Douglas wheel and the ACC does not mean they were not using you. However you were far too afraid to take the information you claim to have received, the information that frightened the hell out of the ACC, and give it to the police. Why is that? Just how far were you aware of your part in the terrorism against the ACC?

    You then go on to speak of the word "radical" as if there is something illegal about being "radical". That only goes to show how far you are able to be manipulated into even confusing the English language. Thank goodness I had radical surgery otherwise I still would not be able to work.

    You then go on to babble away without actually saying anything that has any actual meaning. Exactly what are you saying that the judge agreed with what you and Douglas wheel was saying? Is it really true that if two or more people get together and agree to say the same thing that then that becomes reality in the courts mind? Is that how you manipulate the law of the land to the extent that you do away with the law and replace it with the wishes of the ACC and dress it up as some kind of "rules". I'd never meet you but could it be that you obtained a legal immigration status from Cambodia or some other failed comedies country?

    Are you trying to convince us that your imagination is reality because you get others to agree with you? Is that how your so-called rules work? you think the rules are that you must agree with other people and go along with the crowd? Is that what you call the rules?

    This thread is about forcing ACC to be obedient to the legislation. It is not about the alternative rules that you claim to exist.

    We absolutely must stand up against those who seek to make their own rules up in defiance of the legislation. In this country we do it with the enforcement of the law.

    we therefore must make a stand against those who seek to subvert the law by making up their own rules and using our money to socially engineer the likes of David Butler and those who easily manipulated to think like him

    the purpose of the site is to encourage our fellow claimants to get behind the law and enforce the law.

    As you say encourage to obey the rules of law.
    On topic as you raised it.
    Not afraid at all
    Only one afraid here is you thomas
    You ask questions of your bomb plot trial
    You could have had anyone you wanted as a witness for you to answer your questions
    Yet you did not do that.
    Because you are afraid to
    Your barrister confirmed that in writing to me.

    All you do is blame everyone else
    You spent a great deal of time trying to get witness to say exactly what you wanted said to the courts
    Right up till an hour before you went to hearings.
    Confirmed Nicely recorded and in your own writings is all that.
    After you were found guilty you still attempted that asking for perjury be commited by others including yourself within that in an attempt to reduce the sentence itself.
    Your nothing but a dumb ass in intelligent drongo and using this forum to stir up anyone you can in tne hope of having others become radicals to your cause.
    You don’t have a valid acc claim for erc and you can’t overturn the plots conviction
    Waste a time taking me in thomas
    I’m Far to good at this to allow you to have lies told in court and out here
    Simple terms thomas
    Your less intelligent than me to even try what your at let alone come up with anything of substance having to carry on your mythical concept of the rules
    And rely on lies hoping some dumb ass will believe you
    No one does havnt you figured that out yet.
    Go and do some work you say your able to go.



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