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  1. In Topic: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    15 May 2020 - 11:56 AM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 15 May 2020 - 10:04 AM, said:

    You are totally incomprehensible.

    Perhaps you should arrange for someone to listen to your grievances and to write your thoughts down in a way that other pebble can understand concerns.

    And I don't mean you're pretending friends such as Tommy And the other aliases you use

    Fuk now you think pebbles can hear
    Only one incomprehensible person here thomas along with the paranoia delusional mind you have now with a
    Recent new Friendship being the pebbles on the ground you speak with. :lol
    Talk to stones
    You Really believe in some whacko things thomas.

    How stoned out of it are you thomas
    Far far far away it would appear to be :lol:
  2. In Topic: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    14 May 2020 - 11:40 AM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 13 May 2020 - 07:06 PM, said:

    Schizophrenics who choose to use different identities but are in fact the one person often buy into conspiracy theories like you are doing right now. So David Butler and both of you needs her ground yourself in reality by familiarising yourself with the legislation like able-bodied thinkers do.

    Only one skitzi in here Thomas
    That’s you
    A Paranoia delusional fuk wit
    Your the multiple personality

    Ask Ya mate wislang to inform You correctly of the location data of each poster
    But then you can just do it yourself and easily get that data.
    Far away is I and only one/ member logging in using this shite hole while from location I’m at.
    Think you’ll find tommy at your locality. Prob playing pin ball with the wizard. :lol:/>
  3. In Topic: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    06 May 2020 - 11:12 AM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 06 May 2020 - 10:25 AM, said:

    Your mindset so plagued by cryptic language that you are incomprehensible. I guess you have persuaded yourself to believe you are jumbled thinking. That of course leaves you open for others to confuse and manipulate you.
    You have never known me. You imagine making postings about your imagination somehow forms a relationship with me. What this means is that you have the mindset of a stalker with the focus of your possible chess of the sort being me.
    You seek to subvert whatever you think might be a suitable targets to propagate or seeds of destruction like a virus. Therefore you must be eradicated from society so as to comply with requirements of the crimes act.

    never known ya

    from 2005 onwards.
    THIS IS JUST ONE OF THOUSANDS FROM YOU which picked out as a POINT of NOTE, in the files ,was the starting point of your attempts to get me to tell lies to the court to get you off your bomb plot charges,

    google chat /fone
    17th October 2009.Posted Image/>

    chek ya records Thomas

    your the LIAR

    But then ya have to, TO keep your bullshit story ongoing as if your caught out /not if just be WHEN you do get opened up >>>>you LOSE AGAIN
    love the one much later on recorded speaking from you stating i am the only one within the forum who knows you / about you really well due to the long long time [years and years] we spent on things in all manners of communications,
    so thomas whilst you seek to eradicate me /which is quite concerning really, you should just fuk off and dont put yourself in a bigger mess of your lies than your already in
  4. In Topic: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    05 May 2020 - 07:20 PM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 05 May 2020 - 06:40 PM, said:

    I had no idea who you were until you sent an email to the ACC who then on the basis of your so-called information contacted the police. Your ongoing attack against me on this site continued for almost a year before that in conjunction with your friends Kenneth Miller and Douglas weal who with your help make an attempt to destroy this site with the ridiculous notion that the site you are setting up for yourself would replace this one, which of course has not and now no longer exists.
    It was your claim, in conjunction with your friends, alleging I was planning to blow up the ACC right in the middle of my appeal to the district Court regarding the ACC decision claiming I was working despite not having any evidence that even remotely suggested this. Even though the ACC have withdrawn the allegation in the High Court you persist as if some kind of information exists yet you have never been able to present a single work task activity of any material time not to mention that work in itself does not indicate an incapacity to earn in the preinjury occupation. It seems to be your view that if someone has a partial capacity and actively looking for something to do with that capacity that they are no longer entitled to earnings compensation. The law does not even come close to what you believe. This makes you seditious and disruptive in the community by your constant bombardring complete nonsense. Your arrogance and behaviour is unforgivable and I therefore take the view that you must be prosecuted by the police. This would also extends to your very clear motive and actions concerning the false allegation you made against me in conjunction with your refusal to go to the court as ordered by the court to clarify your allegations. As I said before in these matters you cannot be forgiven and therefore must be punished by way of prosecution.
    There were no witnesses to your allegations. Douglas weal admitted to the court that all he claimed to know had been told to by Douglas weal and Douglas weal could only recall what he imagined while here knowledge that he was extremely drunk in my home. The DVD recording confirmed that Douglas weal was indeed planning certain actions and was seeking to have me blame for his dreamworld behaviour while he was drunk.
    The police failed to carry out any investigation of any sort and newly produced to the court what you and your friends have speculated without having any form of information to validate your accusation. As your allegations did not go so far as being evidence and that your statement made to the ACC was used by the court as evidence then of course you are going to be prosecuted for perjury even though you never had any control over the document are few centre to the ACC. Your refusal to attend court is going to go against you. Your day in court will provide you the opportunity to validate all the accusations you made with them that email along with your discussions with ACC staff of which you are going to name in court so they too can be prosecuted along with you.
    As is demonstrated by what I have just stated none of these things have originated from myself as I have only described the documentation that you have produced and the statements that your friends have made while under oath without any form of exhibit or evidence of any sort. It is the accused that must provide evidence to avoid being prosecuted for perjury. No doubt you are not getting much sleep with this problem hanging over your head.

    It comes as no surprise to anyone that ACC should use you and your kind to interrupt an appeal against their decision as it is you that takes the blame while they use you as cannon fodder on the basis that they had an entitlement to rely upon your truthfulness. Your refusal to attend court is now going to be addressed whereby you will be examined regarding your truthfulness. Rather than your empty rhetoric you need to be focusing on the existence of actual evidence to support your allegations. Perhaps you should be contacting your friends to see if they can come up with something given the fact that you have only ever repeated what you claim they have said. False allegation at this level is an extremely serious issue particularly when it was made to disrupt my claim for entitlements in the district Court combined with the fact that it already has been confirmed by your friends under oath that there existed a conflict of interest between the three of you and this site and that you had imagined I had some kind of control over this site which gave rise to your perceived need to crush me. This further proves what an idiot you have been and the true nature of your evil character.

    No allegations made by me about the bomb plot thomas
    Sleeps cool Thanks.
    Everything’s All in hand thomas.
    Your problem With the zero / no defence to anything
    As your barrister stated on Bomb plot appeal procedures.
    They Couldn’t After investigating everything you claimed/ lied to them about.
    Nothing to appeal with
    Had you Somehow managed an appeal consider yourself lucky you never as Then you’d have been done for attempted perjury =as below/check your documents court hearing plot times you sent to me. Nails your ass big time.

    And thomas
    More lies
    You did know me Pre your bomb plot arrest.
    Emails fone logs documents gmail chat all in the files here
    Prior to the plot arriving out there from Your cosy dealings with weal You asked of me And others certain things You wanted done. To which I told you to fuk off.
    Best you chek your own Records
  5. In Topic: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    05 May 2020 - 04:58 PM

    View PostAlan Thomas, on 05 May 2020 - 04:21 PM, said:

    They claim their expertise is worth $10,000 per day and have sought government funding by way of a large advance payment. No comment can be made about this given the fact that there is no indication as to the working principles. Therefore you can't be accusing me of not giving them credence or credit for what they have done. How could that be when I don't know what they have done. This shows the true nature of your irrational reaction which is common for persons with your condition which relies upon your compulsive obsessive disorder as your driving force rendering you incapable of clear well reasoned decision-making.

    The same thing goes for what I have designed and is currently being tested and scrutinised by overseas experts. In the same way that parties are not in a position to make comment on the system either. It seems that the only difference is that those I am associated with, including myself, provide their services on a volunteer basis along with voluntary contributions. This makes it quite clear that your suggestions of moneymaking ill-conceived and wrong. Again you are just localising everything connected to your predisposition, which is the driving force of your compulsive recessive disorder.

    As for my capacity to work at my preinjury occupation to enable me to earn my preinjury earnings likewise you have no ability to come to any kind of conclusion as no measurement has ever been undertaken except for those qualified and competent to do so, medical specialists who provide the treatment to return me to my former capacity. Those seeking avoiders to fund such medical treatment do so at their peril as in doing so they are committing crimes against me in the form of insurance fraud, defamation of character and suchlike as there can be no doubt that there is no possibility I can return to my preinjury activities while having regard to the nature of my injuries. As for the ACC they have no contrary information whatsoever and have even acknowledge so in the High Court. Subsequent judiciary have directed the ACC to fund independent medical assessments if they disagree with the medical science thus far. So far the ACC have decided to disobey the judicial directives in this matter.

    Social welfare have sent me along to their medical specialists who are completely in agreement with the standing medical science describing the degree of my incapacity to earn.

    So all in all it does seem that you are continuing in your usual behaviour with your irrational imaginations driven by your compulsive obsessive disorder. What you are currently doing and have been doing is described in the summary proceedings act as criminal nuisance. the only reason you have not yet been prosecuted is that it seems that you are a vagrant having no fixed place of abode. Perhaps during this period of locked down you might be traced.. However what of the moment I think the police have more important things to be doing and will get to you in due course. Don't forget that the court has already directed the police to bring you to the court room. This directive remains unresolved.

    You have attacked me for some 15 years
    Your rhetoric and lies is ongoing
    You were convicted of the Takapuna bomb plot on evidence of two witness’s.
    Neither of which was me
    Evidence you provided yourself To the police plus much stupidity went against you also.
    So fuk off with the menace bullying threats thomas.
    The nuisance is you thomas
    Read what you’ve written And accused many others of.
    You expect a free run to tell lies about others.
    Well fuk you.



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