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  1. In Topic: Dermot Nottingham bites the dust.

    20 February 2019 - 05:12 PM

    View PostBrucey, on 20 February 2019 - 04:39 PM, said:

    I dont reply to your habitual lies and bullshit

    Keep up the defamation butler

    You might need some advice from dermot about freedom of expression, and freedom of speech !

    no defamation bruce
    truths not defamatory
    your falseness is tho,
    irenes published it all as ive said and or i have it as written /txt recording
    thats why i said to ya go ask the police
    but ya wont as ya to scared to do that you weasel
    freedom of speech
    ah yes
    you accuse false
    im freely able to show your a liar

    like that bruce
    go chek with ya legal on it /and netsafe
    they tell ya the same

    ya shouldnt tell lies bruce ya nauhty boy.

    now why would you suggest i speak with dermot
    havnt spoken to him for 9 years
    but you and irenea ya think im mates with him
    bad news time bruce
  2. In Topic: Dermot Nottingham bites the dust.

    20 February 2019 - 03:54 PM

    View PostBrucey, on 20 February 2019 - 01:57 PM, said:

    Dont forget butler, every lie against ntv can be proven

    She never makes statements without evidence to back up what she says

    Thats how she won against acc, irrefutable evidence

    And dont bother talking "for her" as you are full of shit

    Dermot figured out quickly in the piece that she was a force to be reckoned with and thats why he pulled down the original ntv writeup
    Too late, the damage was done

    Everything you write, and everything you pull down can and will be traced
    She also has a full copy of this site not long before she left

    And she said to advise you, she doesnt make threats, she keeps promises

    Now you have no idea whats shes been up to since she left this shithole of abuse and lies, permanently stirred up by YOU HEMI / BUTLER/ SNOOPY ELIZABETH U / HARDWIRED. ETC ETC

    You should have shut your foul mouth while you had a chance to, david butler of team laudafinum

    View PostHemi, on 20 February 2019 - 03:40 PM, said:


    You stated that i lied to the police about dermot

    best you read
    IRENE DE MARCO CONTACTED me and said she was after dermot nottighmam and dealing/offered to be with the police as what she described as a witness but needed more than she had [SHE HAD NOTHING TO USE AS A WITNESS[and that was who was laudafinem
    Irene asked -WELL DEMANDED IT of a memo she stated was hers
    how can it be hers
    what memo could be hers
    shed only have a memo if she was dealing with dermot
    was she behind the scenes dealing with dermot and never had an actual copy of what she said was hers or lost her copy'-who knows but your the one raising all this crap again bruce
    tell Irene hello -ive got the records etc of all she spoke of and wrote between me and her
    IRENE wanted to go head first up dermot WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE =HOW STUIPID IS SHE/
    I advised her to leave well enough alone and the case that was on the move would start and for her to look at her issues then[whatever they actually were anyways[
    she demanded a memo that she decided contained information that would assist here to convict dermot ON WHAT WHO KNOWS??
    There is NO memento as she demanded to be given and even if there was she WOULD NOT GET IT
    After many threats to me -Irene DE MARCO then contacted the police, again as she had stated she already was dealing with them and told them my fone number and that i had evidence that would identify dermot as being actually laudafinem
    thats great isnt it
    she dosent know what documents i possess nor what they contain yet she states to the police what they contain
    that is called telling LIES to the police trying to get me to tell lies and shes looking at perverting the course of justice to get her ways and dermot in court
    No way thats a happening on my watch bruce
    IRENE WAS TOLD no information that would identify dermot as laudafinem was available
    never the less she told the police and they contacted me with her info asking did i have that information
    The answer was NO.
    No lies as you accuse
    that information does NOT exist in my documentations etc
    YET YOU bruce publicly state id lied re the documentation and you HAVE NOT ONE IOTA OF INFORMATION OR KNOW WHAT IT CONTAINS apart from what some idiotic stupid nasty women has told you
    and you say your intelligent and dont litigate on line
    ive litigated you out here properly to being in de crap big time bruce
    so bruce id suggest this
    You contact IRENE and ask her to tell you the truth instead of her LIES leading you to publish them as LIES which bruce it is definitely YOU in collusion with Irene de Marco THATS BREAKING DE Laws here.
    Then ask Irene for the policeman's name and fone number and contact him to verify what actually happened
    His name is Peter - Irene knows the rest to give to you
    Now when ya done that come back and report what the policeman tells you bruce
    he sure as fuk aint going to tell lies for irene de marco / or you.

    now for the record there were dealings/issues i had with dermot on business issues that were documented and would be classed as memorandums of content discussed and in FACT that memoranda IRENE DE MARCO demanded was hers , is actually NOT with dermot at all altho along with a number of other parties he is mentioned within it so your miles of course believing your beloved IRENE DE MARCO.

    No where at all bruce does that contain any reference to laudafinem or as you have stated along with IRENE that it contains specifically information that dermot is not to be identified as laudafinem YET YOU BRUCE STATE yourself and or on behalf of IRENES DE MARCO and LIE as does IRENE -you both accuse of information that does nit exist and accuse me telling lies to the police
    cant do that bruce ITS AGAINST THE LAW
    Irene appears to think breaking the law with lies is ok to get someone off to jail-as do you bruce
    so fuk off
    chat to irene
    then chat tp pete
    tell pete any issues hes got my number as IRENE gave it to him so he could contact me which he did.

    Now the memo of mine
    wanting a retrial for alan what a joke you are -you cant even get that correct and what i was dealing with dermot about is NONE OF YOUR CONCERN but carried out and some issues were documented as such
    the police were able to uplift it should they wish however nothing to do with laudafinem ,and sure as ducks can fly they dont want it anywhere near them bruce as its a time bomb on other matters not concerning you nor irene etc ,which i decided to defuse and leave in storage for the betterment of all concerned as I have told to peter and others of note.
    so bruce do come back with your report of you chat to peter
    it will contain im sure the ending of >bruce -just fuck off mate your a nuncer and we dont want to know of you or IRENE DE MARCO..Posted Image/>

    and calling your beloved please do have a joint before you chat bruce-put you on the same wave length so to speak.[and ya both be more fucked out ya head than ya are now out here/.

    Let us have this in your very own thread bruce instead of you posting away in the back rooms thinking nO one will see what your doing-REALLY YOUR HIDING AWAY LIKE A SEWER RAT posting harrasment material
    No guts at all to do it in public bruce-nah your just a weak as individual.

    Do let me know when you spoken with the Police wont you bruce
    Im real happy for you to send a copy of this or anything else to then to peruse for you to chat apon as well bruceyboy,
    >>>>[you never know bruce they may well already have it<<<
    We are all awaiting the reply from you on it all.
  3. In Topic: Dermot Nottingham bites the dust.

    18 February 2019 - 10:45 AM

    View PostBrucey, on 18 February 2019 - 07:43 AM, said:

    Thats now 2 serial bloggers who use monikers to defame, threaten and harass innocent people with lies

    The courts have now clamped down on those that think hiding under many aliases avoids culpability

    Full circle for those who were threatened and issued death threats,
    as butler wanted to prosecute dermot but decided to wait until the
    "anonymous v nottingham " went through court first

    Again in writing ,from butlers own hand, watch the wordfest on this one

    So the gutless wonder who was happy to slander and libel vulnerable acc claimants,on very public viewing, wanted to take a case against dermot but was too scared as dermot would have spat him out

    Big brave bullshitting butler was gonna fuk dermot over

    Interesting that dermot wrote hed paid butler 20k, butler will have to prove that isnt the case as thats how accusations work, ask the fraudster youve been taunting for years butler, im sure he'll tell you in 100k words or more

    Whatever butlers motive, and stating the tapes are useless doesnt matter, and lying to the police about his memo from dermot also doesnt matter

    What was in writing was saved so the truth does make a great story of why butler thought it was his "know it all "job to harass, libel and threaten people

    It is my issue, when again in writing you know im not weal, yet continue to spread lies and bullshit to

    continually harass doug weal,

    upset thomas who you have no intention of helping yet attacked anyone (and still do) who doesnt believe thomas

    Harass others who were never anything to do with the tbp but because you hated them,for personal reasons, slammed them and fed false info to acc and dermot

    Plenty of fertiliser there butler

    And no false accusations at all

    You just dont like the truth when it shows what a lying nark you are

    Placing this where it can be read by everyone, not hidden in the members only thread

  4. In Topic: Dermot Nottingham bites the dust.

    18 February 2019 - 07:39 AM

    View PostBrucey, on 18 February 2019 - 06:59 AM, said:

    No there isnt nark

    Your lies are exposed that is all

    And the best way to do that is to show you lie, in what you write, then deny what you write

    Its all through the forum, which anyone can see, how you operate as a shitstirrer
  5. In Topic: Dermot Nottingham bites the dust.

    17 February 2019 - 06:45 PM

    View PostBrucey, on 17 February 2019 - 03:53 PM, said:

    More bullshit from the paid nark

    Pity you cant tell the truth

    I dont do anything dermot did

    Irene also overturned 21 years fraud and won her case with truth in court

    So keep abusing nark, its all you are good at

    Also. There will be no litigation online, save it for those who evaluate the truth of matters at hand and by your own hand butler, you are a liar

    Thats fairly obvious to anyone who can read

    Never mentioned Irene’s acc issues
    Neither have you in the info of hers you publish.
    As said your using others info and havnt checked the facts as opposed to bollocks which it is the bollovks you publish.
    Of course there is litigation on line Bruce
    Your such a dumb ass.



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