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  1. Occupational Physicians

    06 April 2020 - 08:23 PM

    A fair number of ACC clients have reason to question the medical ethics of the million dollar earning occupational physicians pretending to be doctors but solely employed by ACC.

    It turns out that despite the Health Department ordering nearly twice the number of flu vaccines this year there is an alarming shortage with many high risk patients unable to be vaccinated. For the reason see https://www.nzherald...jectid=12322770

    The occupational physicians (and also the travel doctors possibly practitioners who concentrate on the rich) have been stockpiling the surplus intending to sell it privately once the high risk patients only date is passed.

    Profit before health - the charming occupational physicians.
  2. The new ACC dispute review body

    28 March 2020 - 11:05 AM

    ACC are able to make ‘any’ decision they like on a claim providing they provide you with the right to review that decision. The review body was previously Fairway Resolution, still operating, but another has been added: ICRA.
    I wish to offer a warning about ICRA. I work at a support service for ACC claimants and have come to the conclusion that while Fairway was well criticised for not being independent of ACC ICRA takes this to a new level.
    ICRA works directly to ACC’s instructions and if you bring to their attention the need for independence in judicial processes they do not laugh at you – they simply get rude (ICRA can be quite rude) and confirm they do what ACC tells them, get this, as part of their contract.
    Whatever your view of Fairway as a review body you may find ICRA very considerably worse.
    If ICRA is put up as the review body request a different one (you have the right) or suffer the consequences.