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  1. In Topic: Assisted Recovery Team

    03 September 2020 - 09:20 AM

    The assisted recovery team means when you contact ACC your inquiry is handed to the first available member of that team (all the case managers who are no longer in a specialised case management role following ACC's recent 'transition' (their word not mine)). The feature you will notice most is that whoever you talk to has no idea about your case and whatever ACC contact you have had to date forgotten and in any future ACC contact the inquiry you are making not known about.

    To date the 'transition' has been a dismal failure for clients but I am assured they are 'working on it'.
  2. In Topic: ACC spends $17,714,069.82 in the Share Market

    26 April 2020 - 07:37 PM

    The purpose of ACC's investments is to fund 'the tail'. That is, pay the costs of those claimants who are no longer contributing to the system as they can no longer work or have developed the need for some expensive entitlements - new bathroom, kitchen, car, further surgery, long term care etc. We should all be pleased ACC has that $40 billion (yes billion) plus. Is just a shame it is so hard to get ACC to actually use it for what it is for.
  3. In Topic: ACC spends $17,714,069.82 in the Share Market

    25 April 2020 - 08:57 PM

    With their 1st class investment record anyone who can raise any money at all should follow them all the way. KPG are now 35% below their 52 week high and clearly ACC analysts see them as now good value, well, very good value (presumably in the longer term) if they have picked up $17,714,069.82 worth.
    If you do not have a broker shares can be bought online through ASB who take a very small commission.
    Don't scoff - I have seen quite a number of ACC clients get four and five figure sums and have it all gone in a relatively short period. Investing capital means you only get to spend the income from it but choose wisely and the capital both returns income AND grows (almost magically) of its own accord.
  4. In Topic: The new ACC dispute review body

    04 April 2020 - 08:56 PM

    Let me try to bring to everyone's attention again that ACC Review hearings - whether held by Fairway or ICRA - are ALL held by Zoom during lockdown but are predominantly (I mean nearly all) going to be Zoom hearings going forward and Zoom is coming under increasing scrutiny for not being secure. Zoom itself acknowledges it is not See
    Some stuff revealed at ACC Review hearings may not be private to you the person but if you have ever read your ACC file you may well have noticed it has captured quite a lot that may well be.
    ACC assured everyone when they moved hearings to Zoom it was secure but now...
  5. In Topic: The new ACC dispute review body

    28 March 2020 - 01:36 PM

    View Postkeentohelp, on 28 March 2020 - 11:05 AM, said:

    ACC are able to make ‘any’ decision they like on a claim providing they provide you with the right to review that decision. The review body was previously Fairway Resolution, still operating, but another has been added: ICRA.
    I wish to offer a warning about ICRA. I work at a support service for ACC claimants and have come to the conclusion that while Fairway was well criticised for not being independent of ACC ICRA takes this to a new level.
    ICRA works directly to ACC’s instructions and if you bring to their attention the need for independence in judicial processes they do not laugh at you – they simply get rude (ICRA can be quite rude) and confirm they do what ACC tells them, get this, as part of their contract.
    Whatever your view of Fairway as a review body you may find ICRA very considerably worse.
    If ICRA is put up as the review body request a different one (you have the right) or suffer the consequences.

    There are a whole range of steps the new body, ICRA, are taking. To take a simple example they do not wish to hold hearings in person outside of Auckland (or even within Auckland if they can avoid it) leaving applicants talking/attending to their phones or phone screens and wondering why ACC are much better heard in the process when ACC attend via better video gear, are trained in the practice and have online access to the whole file.

    Applicants speaking on their cell phone screen or even from their PC find what thery have does not cut the mustard - result, fail, both ACC and ICRA happy