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Lead poisoning and A.C.C Personal experience ongoing battle.

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Posted 18 September 2008 - 08:24 AM

I think there is need for further investigation on our part,both with our Advocate and a short test for body burden-this test goes to the States.we are investigating the lab and its qualifications according to the system over there.We realize the Acc do not recognize this or other bodies outside NZAcc but at some stage it may be of benefit if we can find use when arguing probability.The need to look outside the square seems relevant when trying to change a closed system.
Yes,we are dealing with Legislation.
We are dealing with civil rights.If nobody deals with problems that seem unfair yet are law,women would not vote,black men would be slaves,agent orange would not have been recognized,asbestos..... You know!
In fact freedom to discuss this topic would not exist.
Apathy is an illness in this country.One not held by those that changed past laws-it will not be held by me!

This is a long walk and one step closer.

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 05:31 PM

This article about Too much metal is poison by Callum Fitzpatrick is well worth reading.

Plumbing Connection
Issue Winter 2013 (Winter 2013)
Too much metal is poison
Fitzpatrick, Callum


Abstract: There is still some debate as to what officially constitutes as a 'heavy metal' - some define it as an element which has a high density, specific gravity or atomic weight, whereas some use it to more broadly describe metals with potential human or environmental toxicity.

* Full Text PDF (Buy Now - AU$33.00) (2820kb)

To cite this article: Fitzpatrick, Callum. Too much metal is poison [online]. Plumbing Connection, Winter 2013: 90-92. Availability: <;dn=382313860290623;res=IELENG> ISSN: 1034-3075. [cited 19 Aug 13].

Personal Author: Fitzpatrick, Callum

Source: Plumbing Connection, Winter 2013: 90-92

Document Type: Journal Article

ISSN: 1034-3075

Subject: Heavy metals--Health aspects

Database: Engineering Collection

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