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Too Many Chiefs am i right or not

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 10:45 AM

To many chiefs

This is a fact that I would like to have input on
It is well worth thinking about and debating ,
I know that my story or most of it is on site but some times you have to touch on it again so you can get the full picture
You Have an accident while on duty in the fire service November 1977
You also own taxies and drive on your days off, { not taken into account }
After the accident you are accountable only to the fire service ,
You send in all medical certifies to fire service ,
You inform them of all that is going on as they are paying you , that is fact,
3 times I went back on duty the last for a double full set of shifts aprox Nov 1978, last one went to lift , hit the deck.
You still keep planning your life as you think Per Doctors reports not serious accident , You know different as you feeling it the pain I mean
In 1979 early Fire service stop paying ACC now take over for a short while some 4 to 5 months I think ,
Then I was admitted to Wellington hospital { broken neck}
As I didnít know what was going on for good reasons , No medical certifies ran out and ACC stopped paying ,
Fire service union called in , Reinstated back on fire service pay ,
6 weeks with out pay
Then fire service and you find out the serious nature of accident some 14 to 16 months after accident ,
Operated on had Myodil injected into spine , heard my own screams come back at me when it hit the brain.
Had manager on taxies , also managed my ex wife as well,
Came out of hospital Sept 1979 now being paid by Fire service again and still answerable to them.
Tried to get job in control room or fire safety as I was told by fire service that I was going to be boarded , In other words I didnít have a job to come back to . As I was health wise very unstable now , .
Oct 1979 was boarded by fire service ,
Now back on ACC ,

Question In my eyes I was not accountable to ACC until Oct 1979,
ACC should not have any say on what happened before Oct 1979 as I was only accountable to fire service only .

This point is very important as it effects my calculations for ERC as Taxies where not taken into account when calculating my ERC.
It is on record through ACC that I was driving taxies and that I owned them.
I believe that the fire service recovered the money from ACC but they where like an ACC office WE where Accountable to them alone
Trying to explain this is hard for me I know what I am trying to say so hope it is clear to you all

My views is that ACC have no say before Oct 1979 because I was not dealing with them regardless of the day of Accident accept for a short period when the fire service stuff up , I mean the fire service commission Those white collar people sitting behind a desk .

Do I have a valid point

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 10:25 AM

Re the Taxis....

You were receiving income and paying levies etc from that job (be it self employed).. If youve still got your tax records then you will be able to prove earnings from taxis... possibly even costs of manager..

Probably want an accountant to look at those :-( ($$$$ you aint got now at a guess..

yup ERC in 79 was worked out on gross annual earnings!

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 07:15 PM

no acc helped put me into bankruptcy back in 1981 where all records where taken and now all gorn
But i still have a little papers work as well as my old taxi lic when i sat it the year 1976 that in it self tells you everything,
Next point is that most fireman have two jobs IRD should have records for ACC that is a fact, well in our years it was .
the next is some medical cert have made referance to me driving taxis
Fire service where informed
this is why i am asking questions as i was only answerable to the fire service not ACC at that time 1977 to 1979 when i was boarded

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