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To Identify Problems yes or no answer

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 11:12 PM

To identify problems

This is not up to the sufferer

First off it is for the medical profession to identify your problems ,
The sufferer only feels it ,
Medical profession and ACC in most cases donít see pain and it effect
Do you have a splitting headache yes or no if yes what are they going to do to find out what causes it
Should your doctor give you a pill to mask the pain yes or no
Or should the doctor try to find out the cause
If they donít know, it is for them to find out and to try to solve the problem .
Most sufferers tell there version of there complaint again most in there own way with different ways of putting it ,
Both medical profession and ACC should listen and try to understand
Do they listen Yes or no
Do they understand or try to understand yes or no

ACC are not medical people in most cases, but if they are then they should be able to help sort out the problem, yes or no
There is a simple solution to it Yes or no is there a problem or no ,
Is there something in your body that is not supposed to be there Yes or No
If yes what are the long term effects can it be removed Yes or no
Was it a break or a fracture Yes or No or are they one in the same
A strain or a sprain or is it a rebuild Yes or No . or is it a fracture and a rebuild ,
Is his or hers spine fixable yes or no,
Is there pain and suffering Yes or no , Why we canít see it
Was it the result of an accident yes or no.
Was it a work related accident yes or no ,
Is the training in Nz for medical GP adequate yes or no
If no what are they going to do about it ,to inform GP on all aspects of pain and suffering ,injuries , both chemical and drugs that cause problems
Specialist are they fully informed yes or no,
Do doctors, specialist have the right to vette your files and hold back information Yes or no
Do doctors , specialist, ACC have the right to label you stock, the beast, your wife a prostitute, malinger, sympathy seeker, and so on yes or no .

In most cases instead of, I donít want to know , or to cover it up ,which only compounds the issue as it is still there but could get worse and cost more in the long run
Do ACC have the right to inflict added stress , cause you to loose your home , or wife ,or both , to inflict suffering on your children yes or no

To me it is common sense yes or no but do medical and ACC no the meaning of Yes or NO even government donít know the meaning of yes or no .
Am I right or am I wrong
Which comes down to facts do it happen or not is it there or not
are you entitled to ERC and benifites or not just a yes or no

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