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Min. Health Rept. On Adhesive Arachnoiditis Beware of Spinal Injections!

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Posted 04 February 2006 - 04:12 PM

New Zealand Ministry of Health Report on Adhesive Arachnioditis... 16-8-2002

The following report was commissioned by the
New Zealand Ministry of Health.
Ministry input into the development of the report
was received from Mr Stephen Lungley and Dr Gillian Durham.

Supplementary Observations by Charles V. Burton, M.D.
Editor, Burton Reportģ

This report, by Peter Day and associates at the Christchurch School of
Medicine, prepared under the auspices of the New Zealand Health Technology
Assessment Clearing House, is a landmark document. This is the first time, in
a century of global medical practice, that any government agency, in any
country, has commissioned a report on this important subject.

The people of New Zealand, The New Zealand Ministry of Health and the
Christchurch School of Medicine are to be complimented for having taken on
this difficult challenge.

Any unbiased review of the subject of arachnoiditis is a difficult task because
of the paucity of prior hard science on the subject. Part of this problem has
been a lack of awareness on the part of the medical profession in general as
well as some of the medical reporting which has reflected hidden agendas
and conflicts of interest not made apparent to their readers. The foundation
for legitimate health care planning is well-performed incidence and
prevalence studies and data. Such have never yet been developed for this
disease entity.

In a manner similar to that demonstrated by the tobacco industry, there has
been an expenditure of many millions of dollars intended to obfuscate and
provide "damage control" by the manufacturers of oil mydogram substances
to thwart their being held responsible, in the legal arena, for their
transgressions against the public. This is also an important part of the
history of the arachnoiditis saga. Today, many of the leading medical
journals require full disclosure, by authors, of any real or potential conflicts
of interest- These requirements were not in place when the literature
reviewed by Day and associates was published.

Day and associates accurately point out the many limitations of the
information they reviewed but also make the point that this information base
"can produce valid results".

How "rare" is clinically significant adhesive arachnoiditis?

It has become clear that every person who has ever had a oil mydogram (i.e.
lipiodol, pantopaque or myodil) has been left with permanent scarring of
their pia-arachnoid membranes and some related impairment of
cerebrospinal fluid production. From the 1940s to the 1980s there were
approximately 1 million oil myetograms performed each year throughout the
world. Scarring of the meninges secondary to exposure to these foreign body
substances occurred in every single case. How many of these situations
progressed to the stage of advanced "chronic adhesive arachnoiditis" is
simply not known. The actual number of cases is which this inflammatory
process ascended up the spine to the brain producing death is also not
known. Sensitivity to inflammation is now known to be a complex process
involving issues such as the individual's own immunotogic makeup.

It is readily apparent that although prevalence data is lacking the numbers of
those afflicted with meningeal scarring is quite high. What then is the
incidence of those individuals from this group who have become disabled by
this condition (referred to as:("clinically significant adhesive arachnoiditis"?)
What is "rare"? Its meaning is different to each beholder. Long has
estimated that 1 of those with adhesive arachnoiditis are "clinically
significant". This editor believes that 5 is a more accurate estimate.
Why is the prevalence of chronic adhesive arachnoiditis so high and clinically
significant adhesive arachnoiditis so low? The answer to this enigma may
very well lie in the remarkable ability of the human body to successfully deal
with insult and injury if the progression of adversity is sufficiently slow. This
is particularly true of the nervous system. This means that if the progression
of an inflammatory process is sufficiently slow the nerves are then allowed to
have the opportunity of surviving in their function despite progressive
encapsulation with scar, progressive loss of vascular supply and progressive
decrease in nutrition normally supplied by the surrounding cerebro-spinal
fluid. This also means that if the nerves are not allowed to have the
opportunity of accommodating they then signal their distress to the brain by
transmitting constant nociceptive information. The nature of the resulting
regional complex pain disorder is very often totally disabling to the

This also means that many who have the scarring and are asymptomatic
exist in a precarious state. Additional insult can, in these cases, upset the
balance producing decompensation and associated clinically evident
problems. This type of situation is well known in medicine where large,
benign, brain tumors progressively enlarge over many years and a minor
incident (i.e. being struck in the head with a soccer ball) causes
decompensation, unconsciousness, and even death. In the adhesive
arachnoiditis cases the additional insult can be another myelogram, trauma
such as a motor vehicle accident, or even an additional spinal surgery.
It is interesting to observe that clinically significant "chronic adhesive
arachnoiditis" may be infrequent, or even "rare", compared to the huge
reservoir of existing cases. But it is also important to point out that even if
these individuals appear normal they live with a "sword hanging over their
heads" and are typically unaware of this liability. It is also important to
recognize that even if there is no apparent clinical problem significant bodily
injury has occurred. This is a situation similar to the "post-polio syndrome"
where individuals afflicted with poliomyelitis at a eariy age loose many of
their spinal neurons to the viral infection. Many individuals appear to recover
completely and clinical problems may only become evident later in life when
the paucity of remaining neurons is diminished further by the process of
aging, are no longer able to meet the needs of the body.

If it is a "rare" entity why should New Zealand, and the rest of
the world, be concerned with "clinically significant adhesive

There are few disease processes more cruel and disabling than adhesive
arachnoiditis when it is "clinically significant". The nature of the constant
pain is such that it prevents NORMAL ACTIVITY, INTELLECTUAL PURSUITS and SLEEP.
Adhesive arachnoiditis does not affect longevity and sufferers do not have the
relative blessing of the limited life expectancy afforded by terminal cancer.

These individuals are non-productive and require long-term supportive care.

It would have been nice to see that with the phasing out of oil myelography
in the early 1980s that the issue of adhesive arachnoiditis would have
become something of only historic interest- This has not been the case- The
advent of Epidural Steroid Injection as a Primary Treatment for Back Pain has
created new populations of sufferers. How rare is this? Once again data on
incidence and prevalence do not exist. In the United States the most reliable
data on incidence are the number of physicians being brought to court by
their patients. This sad state of affairs seems to reflect only ignorance on the
part of physicians and their patients as epidural steroid administration can
(and should be) a safe procedure performed with appropriate INFORMED

What needs to be done?

As correctly noted by Day and associates scientific study and further
assessment of this disease entity are required. The most important role of
this report, in my opinion, is being a first step in promoting awareness. In
1968 ago a physician wrote a letter to the editor of the New England Journal
of Medicine noting that whenever he ate at a Chinese restaurant he would
experience symptoms similar to those of a heart attack. Before long there
were similar experiences shared by a multitude of other physicians. The
entity became referred to as "the Chinese restaurant syndrome".
Investigation finally determined that a hypet sensitivity to monosodhnn
glutamate (NSG) and high salt content in the food appeared to be the
etiology of this entity.

Only with increased awareness will physicians and patients begin to suspect,
and then identify adhesive arachnoiditis. It should not be that a popular
treatment for low back pain be allowed to create devastating disease for the
patient. How much is the prevention of this sad patient experience worth to a
concerned health care system?

The importance of awareness

In 1926 French neurologists Foix and Alajouanine published the description
of a pathologic entity producing adhesions, spinal cord degeneration and
paralysis. We now appreciate that the Poix-AIajouanine syndrome probably
represented a congenital arterio-venous malformation of the spinal cord
associated with small intermittent bleeds producing local adhesive
arachnoiditis, spinal cord restriction and impairment of blood supply
producing mydomalacia, cavitation and neurologic problems. This appears to
have been the first medical description of adhesive arachnoiditis.
Is this something of only historic interest?

Recently the editor has become aware of a number of cases in which epidural
injections for the purpose of analgesia were used to assist in childbirth in
young and previously healthy women. Following these injections the women
developed severe, and in some cases permanent, neurologic problems.
Subsequent imaging studies documented thoracic adhesive arachnoiditis.
Although these were standard epidural injections the anesthesiologists
involved have been accused of producing the problem. From reviewing the
MRI studies I am convinced that these situations represented long-standing
cases of clinically insignificant Fbix-Alajouanine syndrome activated by the
epidural injection (probably the included epinephrine) and thus becoming
"clinically significant".

How many anesthesiologists know about the Foix-Alajouanine syndrome,
adhesive arachnoiditis, or the dangers of injecting foreign body substances
into the subarachnoid space? This knowledge is truly a "rare" situation.

Appreciation to the New Zealand Ministry of Health

The literature review by Day and associates is a really important
contribution, it is also something, which should have been done a long time
ago by Health agencies in the United States or England. New Zealand clearly
has less resource available than these world neighbors. The fact that
concerned citizens were able to reach the responsive ears of government to
commission a valuable first-step technology assessment is exemplary and
worthy of acknowledgement. The editor's highest compliments and personal
appreciation are extended to all involved.

And our highest compliments to you Doctor Burton for being there for us.

Big Question here is...
Why are these proceedures still being done, when it is clear the damage it does.?
ACC has accepted some cases of Chemically Induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis,
Under Med Mis-adventure/ Med Mis-hap...
Gaffa09 clearly has this problem, I see see effects of, this on a regular basis.
and it was he who has to date exposed and produced most of the info that has assisted others in their claims...
They have "closed" his file on this...
Read the rest of whats here on this subject....

From The British House of Commons.

The anatomy of Arachnoiditis.

Some Media articles...

The Holmes Show.

60 Minutes video...
If its clear, xray shows the Myodil in the brain.

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Posted 04 February 2006 - 07:36 PM

Spoke yesterday with an elderly lady who had recently been given spinal steroid injection. I was horrified..I said she needed to avoid anything being introdued into the spine....I've been to same orthopaedic spec. myself....will be sending him a copy thankyou TC.


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Posted 05 February 2006 - 11:49 AM

Copy of anther from the House of commons.
Not very clear but readable.

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 03:57 PM

This is what I have to date re my file and also what I have on file

Myodil injected 6cc 1979 OP after.heard my own screems come back at me trouble ever since
Myodil also injected 1987 6cc

MR Doc Russel Worth Wellington { Scum bag,}

For 6 months after coming out of hospital complained to him in what was happening In a confidence document to ACC,he called me a malingerer and so on,
Through my Lawyer in the 1990s wrote to Russel Worth for full copies of my files , This was not carried out , Letter from Russell worth , statement ,
Have send files for vetting and after vetting you can have the rest.,
About same time found out that MR Russell Worth was on the board of the ACC medical team, {Ho dearie dearie me }
Letter from state insurance re ACC Mr Huntleys claim
Also in 2 separate letters to my lawyer has admitted that Myodil is a major problem but tried to pull the statue of limitations saying this was out of time ,Have copies ,

Symptoms, as was in hospitals , HAVE ALL WELLINGTON hospital notes
Dizzy spells , massive headache, Blackouts , unbalanced , electric shocks through whole body , eye troubles , bad pain in neck like surgeons knife still there , middle spine now with trouble where needle went in canít sleep and troubles with lower part of spine 12 years ago started with bowel, and bladder problems ,
Sex well that doesn't work well at all only some times if i am lucky
In 3 weeks after coming out of hospital lost wife, now left with 5 children ,
Fell down steps twice due to blackout , dizzy spells on record more trouble .Muscle spasms
Canít peel potatoes canít walk properly couldnít go to toilet with out massive pain ,
Taken off ACC April 1980 By Russel Worth who was instructed by ACC Mr Otterway .
Doc Hunters report, dated 21st August 1981 covers all
Doc Hornabrooks report made promises to invest ergate myodil { didnít happen}
Years went by pain now is in legs, feet ,toes, fingers, arms, hospitalize for heart condition , stroke like symptoms, this all about and up too 1985 ,reinstated back on ACC april 1985 ,
Myelogram napier 17th of July 1985 carried out by Mr Shipp the same one and only, that did the first one in 1979 under Russell Worth
Residual myodil also found in base of spine
Letters from Mr Gale Curtis , Orthopaedic surgeon
Letter dated 1st sept 1988
In OCT 1987 MUA of spine
50% restricted

Hospital Taumarunui 26 July 1989 heart attack systems dizziness, upper limbs feel weak , off balance,
At this time now I feel as if my head wonít stay on my shoulders .
Taumarunui Hospital date 31st Oct 1989 another fall damaged ribs
Waikato Hospital dated 2 nov 1987 Diagnosis Chronic neck bilateral arm pain
Waikato Hospital 21st Feb 1990 cervical instability to be accepted.
Gale Curtis march 21st 1990 getting back to work is zero A two level anterior interbody arthrodesis could be undertaken
Dr G.P. Miles approved by ACC damaging report
Wakefield Medical centre Dr Graham Martin report covers above .
12 May report disability 30%, and comments about Russel Worth, {What a pack s... }
Now in this time I have had another 6cc of myodil injected by gale Curtis Napier hospital and another Op= fusions of neck bone taken from hip
Dr Ian Macpherson report out come of more surgery not good.
22nd June 1993 letter from Dr little my now GP,
Myodil in brain after he sent me to Wanganui hospital thought I had tumours on brain... The real start of investigating myodil
1994 now come mood swings, irritable, angry, depressed very tired
Progressive medical imaging dated 25th July 1994 marked degenerative changers c section and l section
Letter to ACC from russell Worth 27th July 1994 {go you }
Bakes report 28th July 1994 back up spinal problems
Massey University 1st August 1994 re now mental health good report for me .
4th of August refusal to supply Russell Worth info from my x-rays and files ,
Russells Worths report 22nd of August 1994
Admission of problems with myodil pulls the statute of limitations on us
Damming report on both medical and myodil. Have copies
Wanganui Hospital 12 th Sept Why is myodil used , And in other countries .
11th Oct wanganui hospital a limited CT scan preformed Question why a limited ? Paid for by ACC
20th Oct 1994 from Russell Worth in his words
There is no doubt that myodil in the subarachnoid space causes Arachnoiditis.
He goes on. Mr Huntleys problem is related to chronic pain in his arms
This may be due to Mechanical instability or to arachnoiditis of the cervical spinal nerves
30th of dec 1994 visual fields test for eyes effected by myodil I failed tests
2 OP on eyes to follow paid for by ACC wonít accept F. Howes FCS {SA }<FRCS {ED}> FRCOphth report is that good enough .
6th april 1995 bakers report 5 pages talks about mydil, and also spondylosis
5th of OCT Russell Worth to lawyer I have had the whole file vetted by Jenny Gibson of the medical protection society .
17th Oct 1995 Hornabrook report
In report statement re myodil
I will be happy to try and help clarify the issue { THEN HE WENT AND
5th March report by Mr F Howes eye surgeon this may be related to a possible arachnoiditis .

Reports from Gil Newburn 1997
Grant gillett not a good report also lost x-rays also I cost his boss his job ,
Then comes the asshole Dr Alastair K Wilson ACC assessor need I say more
30th Nov 1999 Whangarei hospital , Black out causing fracture of L1
Another black out 25th May 2001 hospital report split head open repaired and sent home
Ho yes ACC wouldnít pay for st johns ambulance,
Have all documents
15th Oct 2001 Northland health pick up severe sloping sensorineural hearing loss in both ears .
Gee that most come from the yelling ACC have done .
In inquiring this may have stemmed from the days in the fire service .
23rd Aug 2002 from Vision care in short unusually lower blood pressure in head possible cause Myodil reports of arachnoiditis secondary to the use of myodil
But my doctor is treating me for high blood pressure
26th of sept 2003 Burtons health care ACC wanted me to go to this what a waste of time and money By the way her bill was $1910.00 yet they cant pay me what I am entitled too.
I also forgot to say that ACC spent big money on me investigating me back in the mid 1990s
Nerve conduction tests which I have had also not carried out by world standards
I have also over 3000 pages on Myodil in one lot alone Half this amount again from Aussie, some from Canada. Some from Dr Burton, How the hell do I put all this up on site ,
Letters from Glaxo, health Dept,
In short ACC opinion is that it is all in my head , (Yeah right... 6cc of Myodil.)

You judge ,

This is only some of the medical files I have I would be writing all day ,
If this can help you at all, I Have won or if you can relate to all this, it may help.

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 04:50 PM

you may add what am i going on about this issue Myodil

Well it is not taken into account when you are assessed by spine Doctors ,
you loose all your entitlements ,
So you say .big deal
Well entitlements pay for a better quality of life like Deep heat,heaps of it treatments that ACC won't provide , to run a SPA or to travel to a hot pool ,so you get releaf , to mow your lawns, which you can't , to clean guttering , you can;t but would have if you hadn't had your accident .
clean your windows , ceilings, to be able to pay for small chores around your home and section.
To sell your car so you can get one that suits your need as that change .
To look for treatment that ACC won't provide
to pay for that extra expences that ACC force you in to like now paying for doctors , part payments for medical OP etc ambulance fees which ACc didn't cover even who it was an accident blood all over the kitchen floor head split open, on your own Amblance staff wouldn't come in to your home frigthen that you had been slugged by someone ..
Also it is for when you retire from ACC to cover what ACC don't .
Do i have to spell it out .
Ho I forgot MP, and high ranking staff including all goverment can live on there muir wages, why can't we
gee I am thick

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 05:55 PM

The issue of Adhesive Arachnoiditis is a serious one.
One that has been "played down", "Fobbed off", ignored, Suppressed, Patients not informed, ( until years later) or even given the full info of the dangers of spinal injections, and introduction of substances into the spinal area.
When this info has been available for many many years.
How many others, have had spinal injections of some sort, can relate to some of the "problems" listed in these posts... and have no idea of why, or what the cause is...
I know of one case that it was recorded that that crap was producing an allergic reaction as they continued to inject it... DOH!
I personally had an allergic reaction to it in 1978. (I was not warned or given any info prior the this injection for a "radiculagram")... When told of this allergic reaction, Dr. at Middlemore did not really want to know.

Glaxo, has had many "International law suits" filed against it for this crap, and the damage it does... They can be sued, as they are not here in NZ. But who can afford to do that?
And unfortunately, here in NZ, we gave up the right to sue... And ACC or the Medical Mis Adventure Dept, dont want to know... but have given cover, under Med Mis-hap, in a few cases... and compo. in at least one case... could be more, truth be known.

Who is ultimately responsible for this situation...
ACC... Med Council... Govt... All 3 I think.

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 07:16 PM

Russell Worth's "vetting letter"
Why did he need to do this?

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 07:29 PM

tomcat and i have been working to put important stuff up on site .
been having trouble with scanning ,so have sent documents to tomcat.

what i have found is that you can right click on the item send it to pictures then open it so you zoom in on the writing .

I am sorry about this but i want it up on site and am trying hard .

some are down loads which are big files and take a few minutes to down load ,
some are on adobe 6 to open,

I need help some one with tec computer skills as there are 3000 pages to go up on Myodil from the experts

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 08:19 PM

House of Commons Hansard Debates for 19 May 2 ...
Page3 of 3
be made and dealt in a non-legal manner where appropriate and that the rights of the individuals are protected for as long as necessary--in the circumstances described by my hon. Friend, for example.
Mr. Collins: I have a couple of brief points to make. My hon. Friend the Member for Runoymede and Weybridge (Mr. Hammond) and the hon. Member for Ellesmere Port and Neston (Mr. Miller) have made some important remarks about new clause 7, which was tabled by the hon. Member for Hendon (Mr. Dismore). As I listened to the hon. Gentleman's speech, however, 1 found myself agreeing with him, which I have not done for three years: he made some good points.
Although the hon. Member for Ellesmere Port and Neston referred to a constituency case that led him to one conclusion--it is always right to bear in mind that hard
19 May 2000: Column 587
cases can make bad law--I was reminded of a constituency case that leads me to believe that the points made by the hon. Member for Hendon need to be taken seriously, even if new clause 7 may not be perfect.
My constituency case is directly relevant to determining whether the time limit should constitute an absolute three-year cut-off after a practitioner has left service or whether, as the hon. Member for Hendon said, the opportunities available in common law should apply enabling the victim to take action after the information has become available to them.
More than 20 years ago, a chemical called Myodil was injected into my constituent's spine. Many of those who have had such an injection have subsequently suffered from adhe~ve arachnoiditis--a !errible condition that has rightly been described as involving all the pain of terminal cancer without the prospect of relief.,My constituent was not tolOtfiat that was t~ cause of her back problem for 20 years; successive medical practitioners said that it was associated with the condition of her spine. By obtaining copies of the medical notes, she found out that, as far back as the early 1970s, doctors had written that she was suffering from adhesive arachnoiditis, but for nearly two decades they did not tell her that that was the cause of the excruciating pain in which she has lived.
As the hon. Member for Hendon said, someone in those circumstances would have the right to take legal action, but my constituent has repeatedly made it clear that she is not interested in seeking large sums of compensation. She realises that nothing can be done to end that appalling pain, which has completed destroyed her life and means that she can only walk with extreme difficulty. The live that she previously led as an active tennis player has been ended. She wants an investigation into what occurred to be undertaken and published, which would be a more proper role for the ombudsman. It would be difficult for an ombudsman's inquiry to go back over such a period, but I would not want us lightly to pass a law that would make that impossible in all circumstances.
Next Section
Home Page

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 08:38 PM

Russell Worth.
37 Wellington Rd.,
Wellington 6003,
FAX O~ 386 1839
Aviation I\'lrdical Sptcialist.
October 5, 1995.
Mr. J. R. Handley Treadwell, Gordon & Co., PO BOX 4126, WANGANUI.
Dear Sir,
re John Cyril Huntley
As requested please find relevant papers from Mr. Huntley's file. I apologise for the delay in getting them to you, but I have had the whole fill vetted by Jenny Gibson, of the Medical Protection Society.
Yours faithfully,


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Posted 05 February 2006 - 08:55 PM

Russel Worth
PH 380-18B1
FAX 3061839

October 20, 1994 .
Trish Jenning,
Client Officer Neurology i.ledicol r,lisodvenrure Unit,
, ,
P. O.Box 12-195 WELLINGTON.
Dear Ms. Jennings,
Re: John Cyril Huntley, dob:29/09/41 No 3 Line R. D. 12, Wanqonui.
Claim 1'10: 73/340709
This is a final report to be read in conjunction with my report to the MIvIU doted August 1994.
We have now completed 0 seorch or the literature and have obtained another 5 erticles.
To date we have received nothing from Glaxo in the UK. However I feel that ,ve cannot wait for their inrormation.
Once again I must comment that there has been two myelograms performed and thererore I am uncertain as to where this claim of mediaal misadventure should be directed. Secondly the only reference to retained myodil in Mr. Huntley's notes, relates to I"'~yodil in the cisternal ci,terns of the brain. I can find no articles which shaw that the 'presence of Ivlyodil in this site causes any problems whatsoever and indeed I have a number of patients who have had retained lvIyodil in the basal cisterns for many years, with absolutely no problems at ell.

1 include copies of r:,e 5 further articles which may help the Committee.

John Cyril Huntley ...
In summary -
Thece is no doubt that m\yodil in the subarachnoid space caus~s arachnoiditis. However in general this is confined to the lumbar region. Despite an' intensive literature search ! can find no evidence that Ivlyadil in the basal cisterns c:auses any problems v/hatsoever.
As far as I am able to ascertain with the paucity of information that has been provied
to me, tilr. Huntley's problem is related to chronic pain in his arms. This may be due .~ mechanical instabilit~ or to arachnoiditis of the cervical spina! nervei':" However as
i did not see him for many years I am am at a loss to know how I can be held responsible for the failure to diagnose retained myodil.
As soon as further information is available from Glaxo UK. the manufacturers of ,myodil, I wIll forward it to the Committee.
Yours .sincerely,

R. J. Worth.

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 03:29 PM

this was scanned from a document in brief

Page (3) Some of the devastating effects of myodil
(1) Stroke like symptoms immobile spine effecting muscles and nerve tissues also phantom heart attacks
(2) Electric shock like plugging in to power or hit by lightning
(3) Vast side effects Brain damage, destruction of eyes and eye sight flashing lights in eyes pain in behind eyes bowel and bladder, bone crushing pain esp in feet and hands.
(4) ~I-normous lies told by some of the medical profession, Have felt humiliated ,hurast, with drawn, contessed, fiustrated, angry, lack of self confidence, worthless, isolated, deliberated deception, drained,suicidal,destroyed, tearful,ashamed,embarest,unforfiUed, abused, empty,lonely, selfdouIt,unfocused, loss of direction,gutted,suppressed,
(5) Side effects out of ones self, family, mends business, social,
is simple a total deverstateing and destruction

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 07:32 AM

:rolleyes: Greetings all. Happy 'WHATEVER IT IS DAY!' B)

True to form, Russel Worth is nothing short of 'AN OVEDUCATED ASSHOLE' :P

Working under "ORDERS" from ACCSKUMM, my attempts at re-training were ILLEGALLEY CANCELLED on reccomendations by SKUMMWORTH! :(

If anyone deserves a STROKE, it is SKUMMWORTH(And Dyson and KLARKE!) :)

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 08:39 AM

I have had so many bad reports about this so called GOD russell Worth ,
one day He told me that he had the power to take or give life ,
Bugger I believe he is still breathing after his stroke , Now how much of a God is he Can't even fix himself ,
He his got what he asked for I HOPE HE SUFFERERS .
He was only interested in making a name for himself .

Yep the truth is starting to come out now with the power of this site and computers

#15 Guest_lorilye_*

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 09:17 AM

Hi John,

What the heck is the Medical Protection Society?

Sounds a bit iffy.


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Posted 07 February 2006 - 09:33 AM

First of all you have got me too .
my feelings is that it may possibly have something to do with ACC med. mis- advent. or medical council white wash dept . / cover up dept.

second how the hell can you win with a report like this from the one and only ACC spin Doctor that goes agains't my medical notes from a highly specialists . which ACC have a copy of or supposed to have

Tuesday, 12 August 2003
Oringa Barach Whangarei
Dear Oringa,
I have reviewed this collection of files. Essentially the situation boils down to the claimant feeling that he has a scarring condition, adhesive arachnoiditis, affecting his nerves and thus causing the symptoms he is afflicted with.
A claim for medical misadventure has been made and was initially turned down and has been re-examined recently and turned down again.
The basis for turning down the claim has been that there is no evidence that arachnoiditis is in fact present. That is not however to say that this claimant does not have the symptoms he is complaining of; merely that that is not the cause.
Modern theory of the causation and appreciation of pain and its effects on the nervous system would lead one to believe that all of the symptoms that 1 have seen complained of in this file could be the result of the original accident and its treatment.
Clearly this claimant is seeking some kind of resolution. If you feel it would be of assistance, I am happy to meet with you and him to supply medical expertise to try and clarifY what he feels are the problems and to help in providing explanations of the medical issues.
Yours Sincerely

Graham Corbett

this meeting of "explaination" did take place with Corbett, he denied arachnoiditis existed BUT ? did state very clearly -- with witnisses present -- that pain and injure problems and other symstems were due to injury and spinal cord damaged.
Injury and Spinal Cord Damage -- including Surgery in most cases can leave one with the condition of arachnoiditis , this is recognised by experts, Internationally.
AND ? that does't include the fact what damage, myodil and other contrast dyes can do as well.!!!

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 06:11 PM

Added medical problems

Have to write them down before I forget,

Short term memory loss
Pulsing nerves jumping canít control
Sharp pain in ears, eyes, crippling
Blinding headache
Vision problems , hearing problems
Blackouts dizzy spells head spins
High blood pressure from neck down, low blood pressure in head
massave pressure at base of skil or in the axle of top spine ,
Knife still in operation site
Canít sleep at night very tired all the time
Electric shocks through whole body
Stress , and frustration
Muscle cramps bad in legs arms toes fingers also muscle spasms in spine ,
,Feeling of feet being crushed in a vice
Nerve pain in arms legs some times feels like in bones
bad nerve pain in neck on both sides , like a blood surge
Crippling pain in chest and around heart ,
Spine goes off like a whip cracking causing instant pain for a second pain .different to the electric shocks
Bump spine in neck paralysed for seconds
Prickling in spine drives you made
Ribs that feel like they have been smashed
Stroke like symptoms
Heart attack like symptoms
Now short of breath , tight lungs
Bowl and bladder problems ,
Sex problems wonít work
Mid spine down some times no feeling
Skin irritation
Pain round mid to lower back
Pain round kidneys canít cough with out hurting ,
All arm and leg joints seise up
Trouble walking , also lifting arms worse in get then back down
Canít cut toe nails , put socks on with out pain ,
Cant twist spine

This is a summary of what I go through with out a medical explanation,
I do have good days some times but force my self to keep going have to
For my mental state
Over the years it gets worse .
medical notes state suicidal yes i have though about it

Most of this started after my OP in 1979 and just kept getting worse
this can take up to 12 to 15 years before you realize starts off small getting worse as each year goes by

All what I have written is in my medical notes ,
All through a spinal injury and injection in the spine ,

Can you relate to this if so start making noises in the right places ,
ACC have on my medical files Grad,process disease/infect
is this what ACC are talking about without using the words Arachnoiditis
cause ACC don't tell me what this means ,

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 05:54 PM

UK Aracknoiditis Site...

and their message board...


Check out this site... good clinical info... And A Lot Of Other Stuff


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Posted 08 February 2006 - 06:34 PM

ho guess what i just found , compare it with what i have put up to days age

Dr. Sarah Andreae-Jones MB BS (Smith)
Arachnoiditis Survey

The purpose of this survey is to help reveal the numbers of those suffering from ARC and to what extent their disease has progressed.

Sarah carried out her original survey a few years ago, so if you have already answered these questions please do not do so a second time, as that would produce incorrect results.

Taking part could not be easier, simply cut and paste the questions onto an email to us [email protected] - putting 'Survey' into the subject line. and we will send your replies onto Sara. Should you have issues which are not covered in the survey that you wish to comment on, please do so at the foot of the completed answers.

You can rest assured that your privacy is guaranteed and that none of your personal comments will be used in any way, unless we have your permission to do so.


Please state : Age M/F

1. When were you diagnosed with Arachnoiditis?
(delete those which do not apply) 1 to 5 years, 5 to 10 years, or over 10 years ago.

Which spinal area is involved? lumbar/thoracic/cervical

Do you have cranial involvement? Yes/No

Do you have any other existing spinal condition e.g. stenosis (narrowing), herniated discs, degenerative problems..if so, where and what?

2. How long did you have symptoms prior to diagnosis? 1-5years, 5-10years, over 10 yrs

3. What was your initial back problem?

4. Do you have spina bifida occulta? Yes/No

5. Have you had surgery? If so, lease specify when and what procedure(s)

6. Have you had spinal (epidural) anaesthetic for any surgery or in childbirth. If so, please give details .

7. Have you had 1 or more myelograms? If so, how many and which contrast medium(s) was used?

8. Have you had 1 or more epidural steroid injections?

9. Do you have any other current diagnoses, e.g. diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS?

10 Have you had any serious illnesses in the past, especiallyliver/kidney problems?

11. What medication are you currently using? If on morphine or other opiate,please state how long you have been using it.

12. Please state if you have used any of the following: anti-inflammatory drugs such as Brufen, Naproxen (for how long?) anticonvulsant drugs such Tegretol opiate drugs

13. Have you ever had a serious viral infection such as glandular fever, hepatitis: Yes?No? If Yes, please specify, and when.

14. Have you ever had meningitis? Yes/No If, Yes, how long ago?

15. Which parts of the body cause you pain? Please delete those which do not apply:
back(upper thoracic)
lumbar spine/lower thoracic
joints (if so, which?)

16. How would you describe your pain(s)? Please delete those which do not apply and indicate where these pains are physically:

electric shock
other(please specify)

17. Do you experience other unpleasant sensations, not including tingling? Please try to describe them.

18. Please delete those which do not apply to you from the following list of symptoms/conditions/diseases:
Stiffness :
Muscle cramps/twitches/spasms
Balance difficulties
Bladder/bowel/sexual dysfunction
Difficulty in thinking clearly/decision making/memory
Sleep disturbance
Increased/decreased sweating
Heat intolerance
Intermittent low grade fevers
Flu-like feeling and malaise
Raised ESR /white cell count
Enlarged lymph nodes
Joint pains
Skin rashes
Frequent infections
Slow healing/tendency to scar easily
Limbs/generalised swelling
Trouble swallowing
Angina type chest pain (but no heart disease found)
Weight gain
Reduced mobility (i.e. house/chair/bed bound?)
Allergies (new, e.g. multiple drug allergies)
Dry eyes/mouth
Dental problems (tooth/gum)
Low potassium
Abnormal blood tests
Abnormal kidney function
Abnormal liver enzymes
Shortness of breath
Lung problems
Diagnosis of : Sjogrenís disease
Raynaudís disease
Other autoimmune disease
Diagnosis of MS
Diagnosis of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E.
Gastrointestinal problems e.g. irritable bowel syndrome/colitis/indigestion
Visual problems
Female respondents only: menstrual irregularities, if pre-menopausal, otherwise earlymenopause/painful periods.

Thank you for responding. The data gathered from the survey will be used to help other sufferers

Copyright & Disclaimer | Data Protection

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 06:43 PM

:wub: Gaffa09 7 Feb 10.33am

;) Don't they love blowing their own trumpets ..." I am happy to meet with you and him to supply medicial expertise to try and clarify... "

:D Maybe the same person who wrote this , ACC Whangarei Branch Medicial Adviser Graeme Corbett , could offer some " medicial expertise to try and clarify " some medicial issues regarding my claim for 1 accident whilst at work on 7/2/1986 ...

Maybe the "medicial expertise " could explain how my Doctor quotes a claim no ... an ACC Representive then quotes a different no in correspondence to the ACC BMA ... who manages to quote a different different claim no which then a file gets created and attempted to be managed by ACC that is so far from the truth , totally inaccurate incorrect...

Maybe the "medicial expertise" could help by establishing the true extent of my multiply injuries sustained whilst at work ... not contact with liq at home ,aprox 130 miles away ...
Yeep ACC managed to have 2 accident scene locations same day same time only aprox 130 miles been advised by ACC that ACC assume I was thousands of miles away in another country yeep on the same day same time ... 3 claim nos 3 different scenes all the smae date /time ... :blink: DORKS , maybe Expert DORKS ...

Maybe the "medicial expertise" could help establish left or right arm?

Some things take time ... been asking,Dr been asking,Specialist been asking,Treatment providers been asking for a medicial meeting to resolve medicial issues ... bit like the cheese add Good things take Time ... been 4 years now .

;) Have a great fantastic day everyone ...

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