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Pathway Files

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Posted 14 January 2006 - 12:09 AM

Pathway is far more comprehensive than ACC lets on. This file is almost never provided to claimants and if it is asked for, ACC disingenuously provides only that portion.

It consists of many layers, folders, sub-folders, screeens, sub-screens within which are numerous tabs that expand into a mind-boggling array of information. One of the tabs opens up the fraud file - one that case managers say doesn't exist; don't be deceived, it exists allright.

No doubt case managers will not have access to all folders, access to some is restricted to TCM's, branch mangers and above. One could say that access to alter/delete information is restricted to a high level, on the other hand one could also say that entering false information is open to all levels. Scary isn't it.

Pages from Pathway used to show a border, a logo and page x of y, now the pages are not numbered, have no border or logo so it could be that pages provided now on request may be out of sequence or, more likely, to be missing altogether. Cunning as outhouse rats, no joke though, it's a very serious matter indeed. Claimants have no way of knowing whether or not they have the full file, bet your bottom dollar you don't.

Here's a few examples of Pathway files, seen these?

Claimant Case Notebook
Case Notebook (that's a doozy)
Service Details Report (and this)
Transaction Summary Report (so is this one)
Claimant Payment List (all you need to know)

Dishonest communication? you betcha!!

#2 Guest_lorilye_*

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Posted 14 January 2006 - 01:59 AM

Ah Watcha, Service details report....I got one of those. It did take a while and I had to insist. Imagine my curiosity to find that it appears that a private hospital has already been paid for a follow up visit after a surgery that has been requested, but hasn't yet happened. That'll save some time later then won't it?

They'll keep.


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Posted 14 January 2006 - 06:12 AM

Watcha and all, this is a startling revelation because time and again ACC employees, both at the Corporate level and at the Branches, continually insist that claimants have been provided with an "entire copy" of their claim files.

Clearly, this is completely untrue.

Also, in light of Lorilye's post - that the copy of a service details report shows that a private hospital appointment has been paid for by ACC but has not yet happened - it is absolutely crucial that claimants are provided with the entire claim file including all the reports contained in the Pathway's executive file.

This is because the claimant is the best person to know what has occured (or not occured) on their claims.

Furthermore, providing these files to claimants will assist ACC in its s.262 (3) obligation to be cost effective and administratively efficient if errors by ACC are able to be identified.

Just as importantly, by providing these files the claimant will be able to identify any fraud or potential fraud on the part of ACC employees and its providors.

This will also ensure that effectively a claimant will become another auditor of their own claim.

ACC's operational costs are forecast to increase by 35% this year.

With these revelations is it any wonder??????

This matter also needs to go to Parliament as part of the new petition for an inquiry into ACC.

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Posted 14 January 2006 - 09:56 AM

Well CM's can be creative. Two have tried to supply me with Word documents that been created by copy and paste..

When I highlighted the fact that I had a previous copy of my pathways file and highlighted the fact that entires they had supplied were missing entries.. and insisted on a complete printout..

I eventually got it..

Nother ploy is to request a "certified" complete copy of all files.. Make's the CM personaly culpable if there are missing documents... More so when documents show up later..

However the forums standard request letter is specific and you can keep badgering complaints and the PC insisting upon your rights. (Ok all that does is create a paper trail showing that both the PC & ACC complaints are not upholding your rights under New Zealand law as is mandated by the govt.. Every bit of evidence that can be presented to a formal commission of inquiry will be useful)

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Posted 14 January 2006 - 12:41 PM

I have a copy of a pathway file... re 24th March 1993 lump sum payment.
ACC accepting 1977 and 1983 accidents as injury...

CM found this deep in the system, and sent it to me (Approx. Sept 2003)... as I had requested details of this of this event.

Not one detail is accurate, re time, dates, amounts, etc... In fact so far removed from the actual facts... it is obvious that who ever set it up was not aware of the facts, or was "covering something up"... It all fits into the scenareo of having been ALTERED or GENERATED of recent times... Since Court Decision in my favour, April 2003...
(original 1983 files... even tho no claim was supposedly accepted, were destroyed in 1997... as this matter was about to go to court... Have the Archives doc. stating destruction of files in 1997... which were still "live" at that time. )
I have many documents that state I was given cover, for the 1983 WORK ACCIDENT, when in fact I was denied ERC, and treatment costs, at that time. (in fact ACC was paying the local FREE MEDICAL SERVICE... HOKIANGA HEALTH... for the treatment I recieved)


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Posted 14 January 2006 - 04:57 PM

Try askingfor a copy of the file after a court decision that comes directly from the courts.

this could be a eye opener and think that some should go through there files in front of review officers.

of cause this will happen only after the ACC reps have taken the oath.

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