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Claimant Rehabilitation And Paperwork. CRAP

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Posted 08 June 2005 - 05:56 PM

Claimant Rehabilitation And Paperwork. CRAP

Open letter from the desk of freefallnz to Gary Wilson CEO ACC.

Dear Gary,

I am writing to express my concern with the amount of CRAP that ACC has on file.

Obviously I can only talk specifically about the CRAP on my file.

I have however had access to numerous other claimants files over the years and I hasten too add that the amount of CRAP on my file only reflects the similar amount of CRAP on their files.

I would not be wrong in stating that all Claimants files are full of CRAP generated by your Case Managers.

Obviously as a long-standing claimant of 17 years there is a considerable amount of CRAP on my file.

For example I would bring to your attention some of the CRAP recently discovered on my file.

1. One of your case managers has denied to me the right to my see my physiatrist on an ongoing basis because another physiatrist had recommended I see a clinical psychologist. Now as far I am concerned that decision was total CRAP.

Obviously that unwise decision is now going to generate a lot more CRAP.

2. I have often wondered why ACC refused to pay for the air ambulance that flew me from the accident scene to hospital. It has only been by wading through the voluminous amounts of CRAP on file that I have recently discovered the CRAP with which ACC denied the claim of the air ambulance.

I state here and now that the CRAP assigning the Air ambulance costs to a completely different claim i.e. a bee sting is evidence only of the lengths that case managers go to avoid paying legitimate claims and as a consequence is indicative of the CRAP decisions that case managers routinely make.

Clearly I will have now have to challenge these two CRAP decisions revealed by the CRAP on file which in turn will generate two further large amounts of CRAP.

As can be seen from the examples above the amount of CRAP on file grows exponentially with the length of time a claim exists.

Surely it is of concern to ACC senior management that the amount of CRAP on file is growing everyday.

Obviously the ACC review and appeals system must eventually be overwhelmed by the ever increasing volume of CRAP that is being generated. As has been pointed out the ACC itself is now more frequently relying upon lawyers to represent the corporation in the review of CRAP decisions. Surely this is just another sign that the amount of CRAP has gotten out of control.

Obviously the only people benefiting from the review process are those happy to wade around in CRAP all day.

Surely the large volume of CRAP that is presented daunts the judical system itself.

I can honestly say that individual claimants are horrified and daunted by the huge volumes of CRAP on their personal files.

Personally I would be happy just to see the dishonest case mangers buried headfirst in the CRAP they generate.

Would it not be cheaper and more conductive to a claimant's rehabilitation for ACC to cut the CRAP completely and get on with the job of rehabilitation?

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