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Submission From Thames There Personal Submission

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Posted 22 March 2005 - 10:17 PM

The Clerk of the Health Select Committee
Health Select Committee
Parliament Buildings
Dear Clerk of the Health Select Committee

Public Submission
Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Bill (No 3) AGO Medical

This reform is long overdue.

ACC declines most cases after 9 months, as the system is adversary to the patient. The patient feels let down, without any cover for rehabilitation or compensation. The patient receives no assistance from anyone as long as the case is not accepted by ACC.

It puts the patient and doctor in conflict: conflict through the system.

ACC pays doctors and specialists to write so-called independent' reports. We would like to know-how a reporter can be objective, honest and truly independent when they know that they will be paid generously, especially if their report is in favour of ACC's hidden agenda of' -not paying out to the patient' as first priority?

Furthermore, the review usually takes too long and doctors bring their lawyers against the patient.

Everyone else benefits but not the patient.

Dispute Resolution Services are not independent, because they are trained and paid by ACC.

We submit that the rare 1% threshold is not fair, because, as doctors make more mistakes than 1% the patients are not covered. If doctors make more mistakes than 1 in 100, most patients are not covered under the current system. This won't make doctors more careful.
  • This is at odds with the no-fault system
  • It also hinders the medical misadventure claim process.
ACC encourages doctors to cover-up their mistakes and the systems has become adversary to the patient.

The patient receives no help from the doctor or ACC. We are concerned that patients are having to wait too long and are not rehabilitated or not soon enough, under this system.

The ACC system in effect, blames the patient for the Medical Misadventure, Mishap and Error as the patient has to prove the wrongdoing, while the perpetrator gets off scot free, even when a crime has been committed.

The information pamphlets are not given in time to the patient. The patient is left uninformed.

The booklets are all written for the patient, but the patient has not been given the right information and has often no idea, how the system works.
ACC is not helping as they say in the booklets. Everyone is out to block the patient from receiving the help they are entitled to.

ACC should train their staff to assist, but this is not happening, in fact ACC is totally out of control and a law unto themselves, in fact there is evidence that they commit crimes against there own act.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make our submission
Yours sincerely


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