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Can I make any financial claims with rubbish disc degeneration?

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Posted 18 March 2022 - 01:03 PM

Hi all, been a while since I been on here. Last time I was just trying to get some needles in the back but ACC blocked it saying it was "disc degeneration" causing it. I had Mr Miller lawyer email them and within 24 hours it was approved.

But Im not happy, I should have been offered compensation, I cannot work, I am now currently bed bound, I have days where I can get up and make a cup of tea and I try to ignore the extreme sciatica and days where the impinged spinal cord is so great that the pain meds barely help.

So, my original injury was caused at work in circa 1996. I was lifting and stacking (even using good form, I loved lifting stuff), I felt the disc go. I approaced the 2ic in charge at the time and asked if I could go home, he refused and had me carry on. The rest is history, suffice to say I woke in the middle of the night with a pain many will remember their first times with, I somehow dragged myself along the ground, couldnt walk, rang my mum who some how came got me into her car and down to the hospital, pethadine just took it all away.

MRI's showed it was good old l5-s1, geeze how common it seems that disc is the start of problems. Anyway fast forward to today, I have 4 herniated discs (3 above) the 2 directly above are what they have labelled as "degeneration" because they are dehydrated (even if they havnt lost a lot of size). The 4th disc is healthy aside from some tears, it seems to have reabsorbed but havnt had an MRI in last 4 years.

Regardless, my l5-s1 is stenosis, they wont operate on my back and therapy will not help.

So degeneration is rubbish. The original accident that caused the damage to the l5-s1 has not changed, that if anything is what has caused the 2 discs they are labelling degeneration (I was 40yo when they labelled them that). The original injury stands. Degeneration is such a rubbish term in the field of biomechanics, it is not relevant to people as a reason to decline applications. Im not 60yo and natural degeneration is the cause of my back pain, a muppet could argue against their labelling.

Anyway, my l5-s1 is what I want to claim against as it has never retracted and it is what causes my incapacity.

I just dont know what I should have been entitled too, what I should be claiming for and which advocate can help a person with no money?

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