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Sensitive Claim Unit is not safe All SCU claimants need to be on high alert

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Posted 11 January 2020 - 01:01 PM

Dear All,

It has been a while since my last visit due to my own going involvement with the Silence Breaker movement and the action I am taking against ACC for failing to levy and compensate self-employed contractors as required by law.

It was in fact my intention to wait until after that issue has been dealt with before dealing with the SCU at ACC. However the provocations have become to great for me to ignore any longer.

It is with this in mind that I am declaring that the ACC executive, board, WPI unit, certain providers and the SCU unit are hostile to the well being and safety of Sensitive Claimants. The only way to respond to this outrage is to initiate adversarial political and legal actions in the public forum.

My time away has taught me a great many things and I am far more advanced than I was two years ago. I have seen the corruption, heard the lies, witnessed the incompetence and noted that there are individuals within ACC and other agencies that practice rape culture and victim blaming as a matter of routine. These people are paid significant amounts of money to inflict that misery on all of us.

What I have learned above all things is that no matter what mealy mouth sentiment these people try and feed us they are not our allies. They are in fact quite the opposite. The only way we are going to successfully obtain the entitlements that we are entitled to by law and root out the badness that opposes us is by legal and political force.

With all this in mind I am initiating the following:

  • A dedicated ACC section on Cassandra Complex
  • Continued legal action to expose the self-employed levy / entitlement failure
  • A gofundme page to obtain funds to hire a lawyer I have lined up
  • I am offering free reviews to Sensitive Claimants and Self-Employed contractors who have been denied ERC based on the fact they receive Schedular Payments. (Unlawful 80% of Nil calculations) Also note the age of the claim or whether it has been appealed before will not matter 95% of the time.

These processes are for the sole purpose of advancing the required political and legal processes necessary to bring the Corporation to its knees for once and for all. Personally I don't really need this right now. However I can only hold ACC to account through ACC legislative process. Please note that I am not going to take on all claims. Once I have the required claims to address the relevant issues I will not be taking on any more reviews until I can extract myself from the Silence Breaker consideration. I am confident that by taking on said claims I can make significant inroads into ACC's Machiavellian regime with the self-employed levy issue to finish with.

2020 is the year that certain reckonings are taking place. Currently the Levy issue is filed at appeal in the DC. It is for that case primarily I will be seeking to engage one of NZ's top lawyers. All my DC costs will go to the lawyer and I will make my own donation as well.

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