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Multimillion Dollar Award Against The Evil Ones

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 08:56 PM


FRW Teams Up with Julie Mersch to Win an $11.6 Million Verdict in Las Vegas

December 13, 2004, Las Vegas, NV. A federal jury has awarded $11.6 million to a Las Vegas man who was improperly denied disability benefits for eight years.

Jurors deliberated about 2 1/2 hours before returning the verdict against Paul Revere Insurance Co. and its parent, UNUMProvident Corp., the country's largest disability insurer.

Rick Friedman and Las Vegas attorney, Julie Mersch, represented 61-year-old Clinton Merrick Jr. in the Las Vegas case. Merrick moved to Las Vegas from Connecticut in January 1997. He submitted a disability claim in 1995 after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, an illness that prevented him from performing his job as a venture capitalist. The high-stress job required Merrick to work 70 hours a week and travel the country. After paying benefits for a year, Paul Revere stopped paying the claim asserting "lack of objective medical evidence" in 1996.

Jurors found that the insurance companies had no reasonable basis to deny Merrick's claim and awarded Merrick $1,147,355 for past unpaid benefits. They also awarded him $500,000 for emotional and mental distress.

After finding that the insurance companies acted in bad faith and with "oppression, fraud or malice," the jury ordered Paul Revere Insurance to pay $2 million in punitive damages and UNUMProvident to pay $8 million in punitive damages.

For more details regarding Merrick v. Paul Revere, click here for FRW's report to the American Trial Lawyers Association.





I feel bad for most of the insureds that seem to feel they will benefit from the settlement agreement with UNUM. But, I feel even sadder when I think about the attorneys out there who are standing in the aisles waiting to collect on retainer fees. They are telling these prospective re-reviewees to retain them so that their claim will be selected by UNUM for review. I call them “claim chasers”. “Oh yes, retain me, and I will make sure your claim is processed for re-submission to UNUM.” Attorneys are waiting in the alley ways for the 200,000+ people, having put their renewed faith into their hands. Sometimes it is difficult to see an ethical distinction between the attorneys lurking and pouncing on unsuspecting, hopeful claimants and the unscrupulous insurance company who deprived disabled insureds
of their benefits.

Could this be why most attorneys are now expressing optimism about the settlement? Because there is the potential of financial gain around the corner? Wouldn’t it be a nice thing if all attorneys agreed to process the claim submissions on a pro bono basis? Recognizing, of course, that the claimants have already been harmed, would it not be morally right to represent these clients free of charge? Do they not have a moral obligation to do that?

Unfortunately, what is morally right is not always what is enacted in a free society. Two hundred thousand claims is an awful lot of attorneys fees, and let’s not forget that when attorneys voice their approval and optimism of the UNUMProvident settlement.

Anonymous Unum Expert



The higher we rank on Google the more people will find us and hopefully, not be totally screwed by Unum, or at least not fall for their "gaslighting." Google ranks highest, those sites that have a lot of other sites linking to them;

So if you have a site, please link to and/or

If you don't have a site, but know a webmaster or are friendly with one, or go to a site that helps the insured, ask them if they'll link to us. But don't just restrict yourself to insurance sites. If you have an in with any other site, even a simple personal home page, link them to us. In fact, most ISPs let you have a personal home page. If you haven't taken advantage, just set up a very simple one with a link to us. You don't even have to put anything else on it. Anyone who links to us should tell us so I can provide a reciprocal link and so I can also make sure smaller sites and personal sites get into the search engines.

You can also drop our URL on newsgroups and blogs.



The police can put you in a mental institution for no reason at all. And this is happening increasingly with political dissidents.

Here is one case but I am aware of many others:

And sure enough a reader wrote me about her own experience of harassment of political dissidence. You know, this is how it happened in Nazi Germany. Hitler didn't start killing people right off - it all happened Gradually - starting with "harassment" of dissidents and the ignoring of laws that protected the rights of persons. In only a few years it progressed to murder and genocide. If people remain blind and pliant, it can happen here, too.

>From Natalie Finch [email protected]

This all sounds way tooo close to what I am facing -- although what I face is a very mild form of crushing indictment for a much milder form of dissent. Or is it? The dissent, I mean. I was point person in organizing for snagging the ACLU in opening a satellite / outstate office up in Bemidji in order to deal with the massive CR violations perpetrated against the First Nation people in that area. This was a plan that was in the offing for awhile and we pulled them into an area other than their original plan. Eighty percent of MN's native population lives in the northern part of the state. I'm up there on the cost-them-money, cost-them-jobs scale as the ACLU is building to a class action against a county - this will then be used as a model to get the rest of the perps into some kind of check.
The huge expense to the county will be the carrot that they dangle to get the other counties to stop employing these monsters in all areas of the legal system. The crimes perpetrated against the Anishinaabe are the worst you can imagine...

Mebbe I was just too lippy to a district court judge. Anyhow, I sent a fax and made calls to Law Enforcement because I had sold my car to a woman who was still driving around with my MN tags (she's rez) and no insurance - 5 months later, she still had not paid for the car - and I have the liability under MN laws. I got a new title in order to put my insurance back on the car and I got charged with a fucking felony! Seriously, I go to court on 12/27 (think of me).

What gets real interesting though, is the fact that the officer who is charging me failed to disclose, to the county atty, 4 pages out of a seven page fax - the 4 pages which are exculpatory in nature! This could get interesting because while I face a 4 year sentence and up to 10K in fines, I am fully confident that this will be dismissed. It is pure harassment -- but, if it is found that this officer violated my rights by withholding key evidence in pushing through the charge, I'll be referring this to the ACLU. What an interesting circle of events. I believe, firmly, that we are facing disenfranchisement by law enforcement - all of us dissidents - it will be happening to all of us just as it has been happening to the brown, black, red, & yellow among us. You pop your head up - they lop it

We are way past Germany 1933; we are at the point of near-total consolidation of power.

I suppose they will look to reopening many of the closed facilities to house us. I hope I get a decent bib to catch that Haldol drool...

Webmaster's comments: Speaking of Native Americans, Thomas Edison was one. Something else the media never seems to mention. And speaking of the media, I could swear that Goethe knew about Twenty-First Century America:

"The truth requires constant repetition, because error is being preached about us all the time, and not only by isolated individuals but by the masses, In newspapers and encyclopedias, in schools and universities, everywhere error rides high and basks in the consciousness of having the majority on its side." --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We are engaged in a horribly expensive, deadly, troublesome, no-win war with a nation that had no WMDs and no Al Quaida connection and has nothing to do with the war on terror; meanwhile the deficit mounts, jobs fly overseas, the dollar slides and the econmomy teeters on the brink of ruin. Yet a large number of Americans have been fooled into believing Iraq has something to do with the war on terror, when it simply does not. It's crass stupidity to confuse the two.

Lies are very, very easy to foist on an intellectually lazy public that doesn't bother to read or research anything of importance. Although I'm sure they have the latest scoop on Paris Hilton. But knowing what Paris Hilton is doing this week isn't going to help you on the soup line. Somehow, I think it is a sign of the total decay of our society when a rich, scrawny imbecile with absolutely no sense, no values and no talent is a subject of constant reportage.

As usual, our rotten, biased, uninformative and cowardly corporate media has a lot to do with the fact that Americans are some of the most uninformed people on the planet.



I just got an email from my bank to check my account or something, with a link to click. Oddly enough, the Entire letter was a picture and clicking Anywhere on it attempted to open a port on my computer (long ago disabled by security software, thankfull.) These things are getting sneakier. It used to be you had to click on an attachment. Now you only have to click Anywhere in a fake letter and they can open a secret port to your computer and Take Control - or steal information like your credit card number. Unfortunately, the windows XP firewall only stops incoming port scans, not outgoing ones. It's a feeble firewall, like most windows software. You're much better off getting ZoneAlarm, which is free, from , to block your ports from intrusion.

By the way, whenever I post a URL, I put a space after it, even if it makes the following punctuation mark look ungrammatical. I've gone nuts trying to use URLs that had a period or comma at the end that I inadvertently compied. Grammar or not, it's a good usage to always leave a space after a URL.



Someone wrote me that they didn't seem to get the autoresponder message for the CD. I got it on a test but I need to see if perhaps, a percentage is dropping out due possibly to spam filtering or network problems. Could a few of you send an email to [email protected] and report back to me at [email protected] whether you received the autoreply describing the manuals or not? (Wait a bit to make sure they arrive.)



You couldn't tell it by Corporate Crimefighters, but the Shoemaker's children have no shoes. I spend so much time gathering and writing info and the site has gotten so huge that I have yet to find time to re-do it.

Here is a site I actually designed:

If you're feeling under the weather, their herbal hot pads might be helpful.



in a hospice this week, to alleviate her suffering. Through lack of foresight I had neither a living will nor a power of attorney and this is generating a lot of complications, in addition to some difficult extra expenses that may come up later. Since many people on this newsletter are dealing with illness, I suggest you learn from my mistakes and consider executing these two documents to a trusted person who will have them ready should the need arise. Those who take care of things - and there is one in every family - don't need extra problems at a bad time.



Please support our cause if you feel this is important work. It is not easy to expose a multibillion dollar industry or help its victims with little resources. Send donations or subscription payment to:

James Mooney
PMB # 106
4495-304 Roosevelt Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32210-3381

OR Via Paypal at: https://[email protected]

Jim Mooney, webmaster:

UNUM'S SECRET "DESTROYED" CLAIMS MANUALS NOW AVAILABLE - Email [email protected] for details.

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Posted 18 December 2004 - 12:58 PM

well mine is 23 years so far so what will they be doing in here

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