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zeeva cohen independence allowance reassessment

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 06:50 PM

hi anyone have any info on zeeva cohen she is a psychiatrist who has been givin the task of reassessing me for my independence allowance for a sensitive claim

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 11:00 PM

Zeeva Cohen




1. First ask if your main supervising psychiatrist has an interest in psychotherapy and could offer you this supervision. It does need to be in addition to your normal College supervision, however.

2. Contact the possible supervisors as listed below, to see if any can offer you supervision. Call or email them all, not just those you may have met already. Email addresses and phone no.s are readily available via intranet outlook and phone systems, for all 3 DHBs in Auckland. In Whangarei, talk to Gloria about available options for psychotherapy supervision.

3. See if a team member such as a psychologist would be prepared to offer you supervision.

4. If none of these options works out, email Felicity to see if an external supervisor can be funded. Make sure that you explain that you have tried all of these options, when requesting this, as this saves time.


1. See if a team member such as a psychologist can offer supervision.

2. See if there is a group running in your DHB where registrars can have joint supervision.

3. See if your main psychiatrist supervisor can manage a brief period of psychotherapy supervision.

4. Advanced trainees may contact Felicity to check if there is a place in a CBT supervision group.


Group Therapy:

In any run, see if any group therapy is happening and if so, find out if you could assist with this as a co-therapist. Often your co-therapist will act as your supervisor. To meet College requirements, it does need to be some sort of psychotherapy – psycheducation groups don’t count.

Family/Marital Therapy:

Again, in some runs this may occur as part of treatment for someone you are seeing, so acting as a co-therapist alonside a team psychologist may be possible. May happen in CMHC or Child and Family runs. Some psychiatrists are also skilled in these areas and may be able to offer a period of supervision.

LIST OF POSSIBLE PSYCHOTHERAPY SUPERVISORS TO CALL: (no guarantees they can take you on)

Psychodynamic Therapy – local psychiatrists with an interest

Simon Hatcher

Liaison Psych Nth Shore Hosp.

Zeeva Cohen

Maternal MH Service, CMDHB

Olivera Djokovic

CMHT North

Sara Weeks

[email protected] or 570-6519

Nada Baba-Milkic

Cornwall House

Vesna Rosic

Mason Clinic

Mila Vukov

Manaaki House

Joy Hodgson

Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre

Meryl Bacon

Manaaki House

Family Therapy Mila Vukov Manaaki House

IPT Simon Hatcher Liaison Psych North Shore Hosp

DBT Nick Argyle MHS Admin ADHB – Greenlane Hosp

CBT Gavin Pilkington MHSOP North

CBT Trish van Kralingen Taylor Centre

Dr Zeeva Cohen

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

FRANZCP, Cert. Psychotherapies


PG cert & PG diploma (Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy)



I did my initial medical training in South Africa before moving to New Zealand in 1996. After working in general practice for two years, I trained in psychiatry and achieved the Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, as well as the Certificate of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy, in 2005. Alongside this I undertook post graduate psychotherapy training through AUT.

I am extensively involved with the training of psychiatric registrars, both generally, and in meeting their psychotherapy training requirements. In 2006 I did a thesis as part of a Masters degree which explored the experiences of psychiatric trainees learning psychodynamic psychotherapy. I am currently undertaking an extensive further training through NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy)


· Insight orientated psychotherapy

· Psychiatric consultation

· Supervision to other health professionals

· Independent psychiatric reports to ACC, insurance companies and others.

The fee for the initial consultation is $350.
Fees for ongoing psychotherapy work are individually negotiated.
Australas Psychiatry. 2008 Oct 3;:1-4 18836968 Cit:1

The experiences of trainee psychiatrists learning a psychodynamic psychotherapy model: a grounded theory study.
Zeeva Cohen, Simon Hatcher
The Cottage Community Mental Health Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

Objective: This study aimed to investigate the experience of trainee psychiatrists learning a psychodynamic psychotherapy model. Method: An audio taped, semi-structured interview of 12 participants was conducted, and a grounded theory, qualitative methodology used to analyse the interviews. Results: The central concept of 'a daunting task' was developed and linked to the major categories of 'trainee: shock and awe','patient: protected and feared','supervisor: disappointing or admired/revered' and the 'wider context: doing and learning psychiatry in the 21st century'. Conclusions: The study identified several factors in each of the major categories that contributed to the experience of the psychodynamic psychotherapy training case as daunting. Despite this, the participants in the study universally identified the importance of psychiatrists being psychodynamically informed, and the importance of the training case in facilitating this.
Keywords: psychodynamic psychotherapy; trainee; psychotherapy; psychodynamic; psychiatrist; learn; ground theory; ground; train case; theory; experience; awe; major category; daunt; train;


On a personal level she, along with her family are members of a Jewish community that meets regularly.
Many South Africans are Jewish.

I have been doing personal fitness training with Richard since March 2011. Over this period Richard has been reliable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivating. His sessions are appropriate to my level of fitness which has increased steadily throughout the year. He varies the training work so that I don’t lose interest and can achieve all over body strength and fitness. Richard is very personable and easy to get along with. I have been able to achieve my goals of fitness, body strength and flexibility. I have noticed changes in my muscle tone and people comment favorably on my appearance. Richard is a vert committed personal trainer and I highly recommend him.
Zeeva Cohen

More information is available on Google including

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Posted 30 March 2012 - 01:59 PM

Sounds like she knows what she's doing just have to hope she doesn't have her fingers in the acc pie and I get a fair go I'm quite anxious about the whole reassessment and with acc apologising a million times and reassuring me that my info that was sent to pullar has been destroyed has really put my trust in these characters at zero but I guess I will just try my best

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