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The Privacy Act

Meet the Privacy Act and read what it means for you
Photo Identification The 12 Privacy Principles Acc Not Sending Me My Files ACCs procedure for photocopying files The Privacy Act and Making a Complaint How to Contact The Privacy Commissioner's Office ACC167 Form and the Supplementary Sheet Attachment. Consent - discussion about the ACC form (ACC 167 form)

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Submissions to ACC Bill

Submissions to ACC Bill #3-Posted in here are copies of submissions made to The Amendment Bill No. 3 which was passed into legislation in 2005. Information kindly supplied by DoppelGanger.

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Legislation Changes

Proposed ACC Amendments-Topics you should read to be informed about Proposed ACC legislation changes.
The Amendment Bill No. 3 - Submissions Due Sept 24th 2004

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Legislation(Mark this forum as read)
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Hot Topic (New) Pinned   Acc, Government & Judiciary, Are They Corrupt? watcha 
  • 18 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Pinned   Attachments Acc Acts 1982 1992 1998 And 2001
Download them here
Guest_Gone Walkabout_* 
  • 20 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Pinned   Attachments Code Of Claimants Rights
Know Your Rights
  • 24 Replies
New Replies Pinned   Latest Legal Developments
Discussion on recent case law
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New Replies Section 60
  • 10 Replies
Hot Topic (New) 1982 Act S.60 Info / Rant rippedoff 
  • 36 Replies
New Replies Section 105 report
Stopping compo
  • 6 Replies
New Replies Young New Zealand veterans homeless and living on the street hukildaspida 
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Hot Topic (New) How Do You Know What Act You Are Under? marypoppins 
  • 62 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Review of Regulatory Gaps and the New Media
Will it include online blogging on Accforum & Accfocus???
  • 45 Replies
New Replies Enforcement of Deemed Decisions
What to do next?
Alan Thomas 
  • 1 Reply
New Replies ACC pay for IVF treatment hukildaspida 
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Hot Topic (New) Attachments The Acc Insurance Policy
Legislation explained simply
Alan Thomas 
  • 26 Replies
New Replies Doctor-Patient relationships
Balint therapy & society
  • 0 Replies
New Replies Wrong Diogonios
Had a henier and not back problem.
  • 3 Replies
New Replies Employee Rights when on ACC Abatement under a employer who is under a ACC Partnership Programme
Help With Employee Rights
  • 1 Reply
New Replies Malfeasance in Public office oldbowler 
  • 6 Replies
New Replies Jurisdiction at Review oldbowler 
  • 5 Replies
New Replies Consultation on amendments to accident compensation regulations
Deadline 5.00 p.m. Friday 4 October 2013
  • 0 Replies
New Replies Accident Legislation in New Zealand
1901 onwards
  • 2 Replies
New Replies 1972 Accident Waved Right To Sue For Acc But Only
why were the police offering acc in 1972
  • 4 Replies
Hot Topic (New) Accident Compensation Corporation Repealed Legislation
1972 1982 1992 1998 2000 Acts.
  • 17 Replies
New Replies Insurers win
long dispute on how the levies that fund firefighters are collected.
not their victim 
  • 0 Replies
New Replies Attachments Acc - The Act
Auditor General Reports - ACC
  • 8 Replies
Poll (No New) Poll   Injury VS Disability
  • 15 Replies
Hot Topic (New) DRSL Case Law.
Directly fromthere web site.
  • 15 Replies
New Replies Access to Information book - Author (s): Graham Taylor & Paul Roth hukildaspida 
  • 0 Replies
New Replies Sensitive Claims
Section 103
  • 2 Replies
New Replies Breach of Duty of Care and Negligence case El Seta 
  • 13 Replies
Hot Topic (New) "misunderstanding's"
  • 14 Replies
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