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General Lounge

A forum for discussion on almost anything not Off Topic.

New threads should be started in New Topics.

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Off Topic

Feel free to post anything else here. News, humour, stories, etc. A place to take time out from ACC or forum related posts.

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Personal Stories

Personal Stories - claim history. This Forum is for your Personal Story/Case History. Head it up with your Name as a New Topic.

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Human Rights

Human Rights Issues-Topics and information relating to Human Rights issues. Violation Of Human Rights - UN Human Rights Committee - New Zealand Bill Of Rights Act 1990 - Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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Fraud Issues-Topics and information relating to fraud issues. Acc Fraud - Acc Staff Fraud - Fraud As Exit mechanism - Acc Claimants Seek Fraud Probe - Full Acquittal Of Criminal Prosecution

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NZ Police

The NZ Police - All Police Complaints issues about ACC are in here. Acc Ceo Position - Acc Ceo Vacancy? - Police Complaints - Police Complaints Follow-up - Nz Police Injured - POLICE on ACC. - Police Response To Complaints Re Acc

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Court judgements for you to refer to: � Human Rights Issues � Claim Cover Judgements � Entitlements Judgements � Legislation Judgements � Work Capacity Judgements � Winz / MSD Judgements � IRD / TRA Judgements

  1. Claim Cover
  2. WINZ / SSAA cases
  3. IRD / TRA cases and info
  4. Legislation
  5. Entitlements
  6. Treatment Rehabilitation and I R P's
  7. Medical Assessment
  8. Work Capacity
  9. Human Rights
  • 464 Topics
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Support Groups

Support Groups: � Support Groups Contact Details � Support Groups Public Meeting events � Protests and Petitions

  1. Advocates
  2. Media Releases
  3. Petitions and Protests
  • 196 Topics
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Injuries and Medical

Information about injuries and medical conditions: � Medical Error � Head Injuries � Medical Misdiagnosis � Medical Misadventure � Myodil / Arachnoiditis � Spine and Back problems and more

  1. Spine, Back and Pain.
  2. Arachnoiditis
  • 411 Topics
  • 2827 Replies
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Related Insurance issues in other Countries

Beyond Our Border: Related Insurance issues and Injured Worker Support in other Countries. � Australia � UK � Canada � USA � China � India

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. USA
  4. UK Europe
  5. India
  6. China
  • 287 Topics
  • 941 Replies
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Topics you should read to be informed about ACC and related legislation - know your rights: � ACC DRSL Mediation � ACC DRSL Review Hearings � Code of Claimants Rights � Loss of Potential Earnings � ACC Acts 1982, 1992,1998 and 2001 � The Privacy Act and ACC 167 Consent � Acc Policy And The Nz Human Rights Act � Acc, Government & Judiciary, Are They Corrupt?

  1. The Privacy Act
  2. Submissions to ACC Bill
  3. Legislation Changes
  • 350 Topics
  • 1764 Replies
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ACC Administration

Information and topics about the ACC Corporation and how the scheme is administered. In this slot is publicly volunteered names based on genuinely held opinions and factual events from the public about ACC Staff and the experience dealing with them.

In consequence of this it has been decided it is equally important that warnings are given out about angry and unstable case managers/branch managers and any other ACC staff.

ACC Case Managers ACC Levies, Investments Code of Claimants Rights Claimant Exit Strategies Staff complaints about ACC The Corporate Money Machine. ACC Contractors and Asessors Disbelief Over Helicopter Threat KPI's, Stock Management and More Office Of The Complaints Investigator List Of Difficult Case/branch Managers Annual Reports - ACC and Related Govt Agencies.

  1. Claimant Exit Strategies
  2. ACC Staff
  3. ACC Asessors/Contractors
  4. ACC Staff complaints
  5. The Corporate Money Machine
  6. * Reports *
  • 843 Topics
  • 6201 Replies
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NZ Govt Depts.

Other Nz Govt Bureaucracy: Work and Income (Winz) Inland Revenue Dept (IRD) Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Child Youth and Family Service (CYFS) Contact details for related Govt Depts

  1. Useful Contacts
  2. WINZ
  3. CYFS
  4. IRD
  5. OSH
  • 459 Topics
  • 1436 Replies
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Envionmental Toxins

Topics you should read to be informed about the toxic world around us,at work and home: � Solvents � Asbestos � Vietnam veterans - Agent Orange � Chemicals Aldehydes, Glutareldahyde and more

  • 93 Topics
  • 728 Replies
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Review Hearings and Mediation

Information about the ACC Review Process.
� Review Hearings� Exit By Reviewer� Unlawful Reviews?
� Role Of The Reviewer� Law Talk - Drsl Reviews/appeals� Mediation

  • 111 Topics
  • 1327 Replies
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Common Processes.

Topics of importance, Topics to help you through the processes: � Worktrials � Entitlements � Rehabilitation and IRP Plans

  1. Entitlements
  2. Rehabilitation and IRP Plans
  3. Worktrials
  • 117 Topics
  • 1077 Replies
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Topics to help you through the processes: � IOA � IMA � WCAP � VIMA � Home Help � The FCE Tests, (DONT GO!) � Independance Allowance � Claimant Choice Of Assessors

  1. IOA Asessment
  2. IMA
  3. VIMA
  4. Independance Alllowance
  5. FCE Assessments
  6. WCAP
  7. Abuse
  8. Home Help
  9. Pain Management
  • 265 Topics
  • 2586 Replies
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Forms and Letters

Letter and form templates for your use: � Reschedule Appointments � Notice Of Appeal Template � Claimants Conditional Consent � Communication - Telephone calls � Privacy Act Requests for your Files � Supplementary Sheets for Consent � Medical Assessor to complete form � A C C 33 - Review Application Form

  • 36 Topics
  • 465 Replies
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Downloads favourite sites

Downloads and Favourite sites: � ACC Informe Program Computer Manual � Spine nerve animation how the body is connected � Video Clips

  1. Donated Videos
  • 65 Topics
  • 331 Replies
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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI, also called intracranial injury) occurs when an external force traumatically injures the brain. TBI can be classified based on severity, mechanism (closed or penetrating head injury), or other features (e.g. occurring in a specific location or over a widespread area). Head injury usually refers to TBI, but is a broader category because it can involve damage to structures other than the brain, such as the scalp and skull. (

  • 68 Topics
  • 184 Replies
Read-only forum

Guest Forum

Are you a Guest to the forum? We welcome Anonymous posts here without having to register first. Existing members can often help here too. (Guest Forum Temporarily Read-Only)

  • 161 Topics
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