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Acc Informe Program Computer Manual Available for Download: 1.17Mb (DOC)

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  Posted 15 September 2003 - 11:46 PM

The ACC Guide Lines 'Informe' Computer Program Manual in DOC (Microsoft Word) format.

Comment: A very popular document from the old site.

1.18mb .Doc file.
Informe Manual.

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Posted 19 August 2016 - 11:22 AM

I am not sure if this INFORME document is still available for downloading ...unfortunately my forum permissions appear to be hodgepodge with being able to download or upload some files but not others etc

The reason I am bumping this thread is to offer some updated material ...and because another thread is running which appears to be addressing some similar issues ...

I have uploaded a small portion of the same sorts of information which has been used by injured people , their families, voluntary advocates, lawyers, claims managers, decisionmakers, tribunal members and Judges for decades ...

It is only one small chapter ... but you can see it is similar format to the *Benchbook* just provided by Fairway recently as it shows all the decisions rendered with significant comments if folks wish to research further imho ...

I have quickly perused the Fairway Benchbook and it looks like a smaller cousin version of the DWP information systems ...

I am referring to the older style Blue Volumes and Neligan Digest that were used by DWP [consider this a superagency which includes ACC and WINZ and HNZ entitlements & decisions etc ]

NB all of the relevant Benchbooks and multiple guides which Fairway now appear to be utilising have been updated since some of the ones I previously shared with this forum way back in its good olde days ::wacko:

ATM due to the abuse and trolling arising from the POV that such helpful information being used elsewhere in the world has somehow become their evidence of corruption downunder [&or simple template tools as proof of conspiracy blogging] ... this posting is standalone with keywords FYI ie I do this because threats of my banishment continue sadly :(

As you can see from this small example that was archived various relevant decisions are all listed FYI :wacko:


This Digest chapter I have attached may still be helpful as it was addressing decisions relating to matters but remember it has likely been updated since written etc

Part 1: General considerations Constitutional of tribunal 14.1.1 Jurisdiction 14.1.2 Powers of medical appeal tribunal 14.1.3 Conduct of hearing before medical appeal tribunal 14.1.4 Procedural considerations 14.1.5 Onus of proof 14.1.6 Refusal of leave to appeal to the Commissioner 14.1.7 Review 14.1.8
Part 2: Principles of assessment General 14.2.1 Adjustments and offset for pre-existing disabilities 14.2.2 Greater disabilities 14.2.3 Whether there is a relevant loss of faculty 14.2.4
Part 3: ‘Erroneous in point of law’ What constitutes an error of law 14.3.1 Contrary to natural justice 14.3.2 Compliance with natural justice 14.3.3 Failure to give adequate reasons 14.3.4
Part 4: Miscellaneous Unforeseen aggravation 14.4.1
Decisions not included 14 Annex

However as I said previously ... all of this DecisionMaker Guidance and Decision Digest material was always freely available to the general public ...and it is still online albeit lots digitised now!! However it was originally a paperbased system so this was static information that required regular updates which appears more similar to the newest Fairway version etc The authorities are in the midst of a new updating system occurring to make the material much more dynamic and thus every new decision can then be easily uploaded and linked as required...

NB I am still hopeful that ACC and Fairway will freely offer a more userfriendly database of relevant decisions from all levels which will help claimants ie millions & millions of decisions are clearly available to our peers to assist with all of their Appeal endeavours

I have also provided an older link from an older style CDrom [ similar to the material in this thread originally perhaps ... which some forum members used to offer on cdrom in addition to the doc version in OP ... but I have not looked at it laterly and cannot remember if the kiwi ACC version was much simpler &or may not have had search tools sorry]


Ferret’s Social Security Law is a comprehensive electronic encyclopaedia of social security and child support legislation, precedent, guidance and commentary.

Fully searchable using a step by step approach, or word or phrase search, it is a very powerful tool enabling quick and easy access to a huge amount and variety of information. It is extensively hyperlinked for cross reference and can save considerable search and updating time plus physical space compared with paper records. Information can easily be extracted and compiled into a separate documents to meet user requirements.

The final archived version of the Social Security Law CD provides an open ended licence to a wealth of current and historic full text case-law up to the introduction of the Welfare Reform Act in 2012

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