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ACC lawyers and advocates - Who are not recognised...

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Posted 16 December 2016 - 07:28 AM


To offer a space for balance ...


AT link

It is probably timely that we should have a heads up on who is in the ACC legal and representation business with the New Zealand.

Obviously there are people who come and go in the ACC advocacy industry while others continue to hone their expertise and would be worthy of some discussion.

Obviously it is not intended for this thread to be an open spot for any advertising but rather discussion in relation to each and every individual in this arena, good and bad, in order that we may survey who we have available to us to provide assistance.

If it is possible to provide evidence to support personal opinions this would be helpful for members and readers in enhancing their ability to make informed decisions ....

Alan Thomas of Auckland


NZ Law Library link

J Cadenhead, District Court Judge decision dated 23 January 2008 ,

This decision confirmed the right of the respondent ACC in appropriate cases to refuse to deal with somebody who it thought was an unsuitable representative

ACC will not take phone calls from Mr Thomas to discuss your case, nor will the Corporation respond to correspondence from Mr Thomas regarding your case. Should Mr Thomas attempt to attend or be present at assessments arranged for you by the Corporation, that assessment will not continue. Should this occur, ACC would consider that you had failed to reasonably participate in your rehabilitation and your ongoing entitlements may be ceased.

Unfortunately a second decision exists which specifically describes that a seriously head injured claimant LOST their weekly compensation entitlements for a lengthy period. More worryingly an IMPERSONATION INCIDENT was described and evidenced. There was no counter evidence addressed.


NZ Law Library Link

JUDGE D A ONGLEY decision from 28 February 2008

Whilst you are welcome to take along a support person to the assessment I must remind you that ACC does not recognise Mr Alan Thomas as an appropriate advocate or support person. He is not welcome to attend the assessment with Taskmaster or to participate in the assessment by phone. Should he attempt to do so ACC have instructed Mr Cowden to terminate the assessment.

If the assessment needs to be terminated either because you do not participate in the assessment constructively or due to Mr Thomas's involvement, ACC will view such actions to be non-compliant which will result in your compensation being suspended

NB "... in particular, referred to her disquiet that Alan Thomas impersonated himself as a client and specifically introduced himself as Robert Norris over the phone.

[11] No issue has been taken by the appellant contesting Ms Vaughan's opinion that Mr Thomas personated the appellant on the telephone. Ms Vaughan recorded that she was at first unaware, but was mystified by a difference in voice and attitude..."

Fortunately another lawyer was able to rescue this client due to a separate ACC error from the casemanager trying to assist this claimant. However I am uncertain if there was a support agency who helped reduce hardship suffered for possibly several years [26.08.05 until 28.02.08 perhaps]. I would also consider there was NOT any business indemnity policy circumstances which could have helped this TBI client with their significant losses etc


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