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ACC claimant told to find proof of income from 1981 Radiation bid likely peanuts after payout to WINZ

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 04:24 PM


ACC compensation doesn't make up for years of suffering, says radiation poisoning victim

Last updated 03:54, December 21 2016

A radiation poisoning victim who has been battling ACC for years says his compensation will never make up for his years of hardship.

Bryon O'Regan suffered for decades with debilitating episodes of nausea and diarrhoea after getting radiation poisoning from a surgery in 1979.

After overcoming numerous bureaucratic hurdles, he was recently paid some compensation for a brief period.

O'Regan would not disclose what the amount was, but said it was not much considering his years of suffering.

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O'Regan won a court case against ACC in 2015 which entitled him to compensation – but only if he could prove he was working prior to 1979.

Inland Revenue income tax records only go back a decade and the Palmerston North firm he said he was working for at the time had long ceased to exist.

Publicity of O'Regan's plight prompted former colleagues to come forward willing to back up his work history

O'Regan said he was still in discussions with ACC, but it was hard work.
"They are making the rules up as they go along. It takes its toll on me, too, the continuous arguing with them."

O'Regan said he had spent the past couple of months in and out of hospital because of dehydration.
"It has taken a while to get back on my feet again."
Each time he returned home he got sick again.
"It is so hard. It knocks you around."
O'Regan said he was "surviving".

An ACC spokeswoman said they were still working with O'Regan to sort out his compensation claim.
"Obtaining verification of his employment history is proving more complex than at first thought. 

"Until this work has been completed, and a final agreement has been reached with Mr O'Regan, we are not in a position to make any further comment."

His 2015 court case judgment said there was "no dispute" O'Regan's life had been "significantly altered" by the treatment he received in 1979. 
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Posted 23 December 2016 - 05:37 PM

There is something holding you back from exercising the true and powerful effect of you as a person and your professional training.

What would it be , or what role would you take , apart from some random words on some well unknown blog site, would it take to empower your children, grandchildren to treat each other better WHILST at the same time being aware
of what it is at a root cause what forms your personality and thinking structure? A hint, its not so much about the key words of " abuse"
It is how to be aware of that so you can leave the legacy of empowerment to your self to a degree that your own children and their children reap the benefit of the emotional and behavioural understanding between the ears your legacy is far greater than your own inner suffering. Consider that.

I will see you et all soon, for coffee flat white, i want to hear and feel how you are empowering you for that has the flow on effect. just do it

For when you do, you will no longer require this medium, you will be self empowered . neat eh

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Posted 01 January 2017 - 08:17 AM

Well Kewl

It would be a shame if anonymousey did not come and visit this and give us the abundance of knowledge that she has.

From the first write on this chappie I could tell the writer why the claimant is not going to make much money. I could also suggest a couple of place he may find a solution to his amount of income earned over those years and there is a section in the act that says that if the employer is no longer a live company, it is no reason why ACC need not pay them out.

Every one who has been on winz should know this yet no one has used this forum for what it is meant. it truly is knotted. A frayed knot at that.

In the 15 years I have been fighting for my entitlements including w/c, you all have known that I was working on the problems that surrounded the taxing of the backdated weekly compensation.

No body is prepared to tell this fellow how to find the answers to his delimia. Which is a real shame as I am only here to round off my statement to the powers that be.


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